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The Best Way to Secure Your Google Email Account

The Best Way to Secure Your Google Email Account

It is very essential to secure your Google Gmail account and a password is simply not enough now. Have you ever wondered how much we depend on Google services for every online activity, and not only Gmail, and all this is secured by a single password. With password hacking too easy nowadays, what is the next level of password security?

gmail securituy

2 Step Verification
Welcome to 2 Step authentication. Frankly speaking this feature has been around for a long time and many people who had their email hacked will tell you they wished they had activated 2 Step authentication, but how many actually do it?

It basically means that when you login, Google will send the user a one time password (OTP) on their mobile phone (to confirm it is indeed you!) and once you enter the verification code, you can login in. It seems difficult to do this everytime, but read on …

Setup 2 Step Authentication
Go to your Google account and login – Then run the Google Security checkup. It will allow you to setup all your security features on your account one by one.

google security
2step verification settings

Alternatively you can directly visit and check how your 2 step authentication is set up. Basically you need to specify a mobile phone number where you can receive OTP and enter the verification code after the password. You can also opt for voice calls.

phone verify

You can choose then choose trusted devices and computers so it will not prompt for OTP again. So this makes it real easy for users.

registered computer

But my mobile is not with me?
Just incase you are travelling and your mobile is lost/ not available, you can choose to print OTP codes, use a physical security key by Yubico (which I will share in the next post) and even have back up mobile phone options.

Google Email Account Security

Do I use it?
2step verification on
I had activated this feature many times but getting a One time password (OTP) on my mobile phone at every login was tedious and for sake of ease I deactivated it many times. But now the feature is easier to implement as it allows trusted devices where once you set up 2 Step authentication, it will not keep prompting you for OTP on your everyday computer or mobile Gmail app. While if any hacker tries to access you account he needs your mobile phone!

Its a 1 time setup – So basically it is a one time setup, and then it helps to keep your account secured forever. It takes a few minutes, but is 100% worth your time to secure your Google account. Its better than security questions which are easy to guess or you usually forget. Do it today.
Get Popular on the Internet

Get Popular on the Internet

We all wish to be popular. But unfortunately, getting popular is not so easy in the real world. However, in the cyber world of which we all are part of, it is not so tough if you follow some tips given below. Now what are you waiting for? Bring your pen and paper start taking notes on how to become famous.

Popular on the Internet

1. Start a Website: You might have heard the cliche, "everyone popular has a website." But fortunately, you don't have to be famous to have a website. You can have your website made from a specialist or can make it yourself. Just choose a topic you like, get your pen...err... keyboard ready and start creating killer content for which people would come back again and again.

2. Start a Blog: Some bloggers are ridiculously famous. No matter what they write, people like it and start praising them. Although such wizardry would have no reason in the real world, the cyber world has a reason for everything. To become one such popular blogger, the basic thing required is killer content. The second most important thing is being regular in posting articles, and probably the most important thing required is humility. You can have your self hosted blog or choose any of the free blog hosting platforms. The two leading ones are Blogger and WordPress.

3. Join Facebook: Facebook is the second most visited website on the internet after Google. Almost everyone is on Facebook. Having so much traffic each day makes Facebook a potential advertising target. Just join Facebook, add everyone you know as a friend and also add the friends of your friends to your friends list.

Create a Facebook fan page and add a link to your website and blog on it. Observe what people like on Facebook and start a postathon of posting such articles. 'Like' other people's posts and give genuine comments on them. There is a good chance that they might get to your fan page and start following you.

4. Join Twitter: Twitter helps you share the latest buzz on the internet. Everyone well-known is on Twitter. Be it Tom Cruise or Sachin Tendulkar, Twitter has left no one untouched. So why shouldn't you be on Twitter too? Join Twitter and start following people. It is more than likely that they will follow you in return. Be controversial but only to a limit. Moreover, tweet on any latest buzz you might see on the internet. e.g. Octopus Paul was the fairly popular on the internet in World Cup 2010. A lot more than many people tweeted about it. Most of them are popular on the internet.

5. Join Social Networking Sites: Aside from Twitter and Facebook, join all the social networking sites you can think of. Try to be an active member of the community and take part in discussions. People will eventually start liking you and will be pulled to click on your profile. Have an amazing profile and do not forget to add a link to your website, blog, Facebook fan page and Twitter account.

6. Join Forums: Be helpful in forums. Welcome new members and don't discourage newbies. Always encourage them and remember that there are people on the other side of your computer reading what you are typing. If you do all this, people will feel that they are under a charm and will click on your profile. Again don't forget to add a link to your website, blog, Twitter account and Facebook fan page in your profile.

7. Your Profile: Having a well written profile for uploading in social networking sites, your blog and website will help make you notorious much sooner. Remember to have a descriptive profile, with a slight comic touch. People will praise your profile and will be attracted to you like bears to honey.

8. Start Commenting: Give intelligent comments on other blogs/websites with a link to your website/blog. But remember not to give spammy comments followed by a link. Use the Name/URL field to give a link. Try to correct other blogs and suggest improvements in the posted articles but remember not to become too much of a corrector. People don't like such commentators.

I am pretty sure that if you follow all of the suggestions given above, you will also become popular on the internet in no time and would also join the elite group of famous people.
How To Increase A Laptop Battery Life

How To Increase A Laptop Battery Life

When you’re constantly on the move and rely on your laptop to perform when you most need it, you need to be sure that your battery won’t suddenly drain on you, leaving you in the lurch. If this sounds like a situation that you frequently find yourself in, perhaps you should look at upgrading to a laptop battery with a longer life. But if that step sounds a bit drastic, there may be a few things that you can do to prolong your battery’s power, when you don’t have access to a mains supply.

Increase A Laptop's Battery Life

Turn down the brightness of your screen

Most modern laptops allow you to control the brightness of the screen. As you might expect, the brighter the screen, the more power is required. Dim the screen and you could find that your battery lasts a lot longer.

Shut down programs that aren’t being used

It’s often the case that you’ll have a number of programs running, yet you’re only using one or two of them. Although you might not see them running, they could be running in the background, adding to your CPU load, and consuming more energy. Shut down the programs not in use and save energy. If you’re unsure about programs running in the background, simply open the task manager.

Clean the battery contacts

You should clean the connection points on your laptop’s battery every now and then. Dampen a cloth with alcohol and use it to clean the points. Clean points mean that electric current can pass through efficiently, meaning you save on wasted power.

Use the CD/DVD drive sparingly

CD and DVD drives use a substantial amount of energy to operate. If possible, opt to use the hard drive instead, as this requires less energy.

Defragment your hard drive regularly

If you regularly defragment your hard drive, it will operate more efficiently. The more efficiently your hard drive operates, the less demand is placed on the battery, meaning you will get more life out of it! As an additional advantage, this will also help in speeding up your computer.

Do not use wireless networks

If you are not in need of a wireless connection, it is better to turn off the wireless receiver on your laptop as it puts unnecessary strain on your battery. Most laptops have an easy to locate switch to turn off wireless networks.

Disable unnecessary visual effects

Your computer requires computing power to show all those stunning visual effects. More computing means more battery consumed. Hence, if you want your battery to last longer, it is advisable to preferably turn off or at least tone down those visual effects.

Change Power scheme

Changing your power scheme to Power Saver makes your computer adjust its settings to use power minimally and give you extended battery life. Most operating systems allow you to change power schemes.

Regularly clean the air vents and keep your laptop cool

Your laptop will operate far more efficiently at lower temperatures. If your air vents are clogged up with dirt and dust, the machine cannot be cooled efficiently. By regularly checking that air can pass freely through the vents, you can be sure that your laptop remains as cool as possible. You can use a brush or a lightly dampened cloth to remove any dust or dirt. For even better cooling, you can try a laptop cooling pad.

Refrain from using external devices

External devices, such as external hard drives, iPods, and even your mouse can put unnecessary strain on your battery. If it isn’t absolutely crucial that you use these external devices, shut them down and disconnect them entirely to save on battery usage.

Only multitask when absolutely necessary

Performing multiple tasks at any one time, for example listening to music whilst downloading files and creating Word documents, will again put unnecessary strain on your computer. When battery power is scarce, don’t over-work your laptop and drain the battery too quickly.
What is Blogger and How You Can Create a Blogger Blog

What is Blogger and How You Can Create a Blogger Blog

According to the Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, Blogger is a Web site launched in 1999 from Pyra Labs, San Francisco, CA ( that provides the tools for creating blogs (Weblogs). After users select a pre-designed template or create one with their look and feel, every posting entered on Blogger is published to the Blogger page on their Web site automatically. In early 2003, Blogger was acquired by Google.

What is Blogger and How You Can Create a Blogger Blog

So, in simple terms, Blogger is a free site where you can make blogs (a kind of sites) where you can write about everything you want - from personal life to discussing about your political views, or relating your experience in a topic of interest.

How to create a blogger blog?

Go to homepage and click on the "Get Started" button

Enter your Gmail acount details (your gmail address and pasword) and then press "Sign in"

Enter the name you want to appear on your blog - check the "Agree to Terms and Conditions"
Click on the "New Blog" button

Enter your blog title and the address of your new blog, choose a template (Simple Template is more easily to customize, so i recommend you to choose this one) then click on "Create Blog!"

Now that your blog has been created, you can start blogging. That's all :)
Tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account Easily

Tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account Easily

Fake Facebook Accounts is Proving out to be a new Trend on Facebook. Probably 20-30% of total Facebook Accounts are fake or even more, This Number is Anticipated to be Increasing in Future. Fake accounts on Facebook are  mainly Created with an intention to Spam all over Facebook and Spread Virus. Many people Create Fake Girl's Profiles to Dupe Some innocent Fb Users too.

Identify Fake Facebook Account

Its Sad that Facebook Can't Identify Fake Facebook Account and Delete them all Manually,and One Should not expect it from Facebook because of obvious Reasons. But yes they will Definitely Block your account if you send lots of Friend requests to Unknown People and if you post or Comment Spam Links over and over again. Facebook Catches you and then next time when you try to Login again, it asks you to Identify Photos of Friends, This is where Fake Account Users Get Caught.

But This Don't Stop Spammers to Create another Fake Facebook account, So in this article we will Discuss Some Tips that will Help you to Identify Fake Facebook Account easily, So that you don't fell in their Traps, Report that Account to Facebook which will Help to Make Facebook Safer to all of us.

Tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account

Profile Picture :-

First Thing we see about any Facebook account is thier Profile Picture, If you Find any Facebook Account on your Friendlist suspicious, First thing you will do is Use Reverse Image Search. This helps you find out if Similar Pictures are available on Internet.  First Download the Profile Picture of the account you find suspicious


The Facebook timeline of a Facebook accounts says a lot about that Profile. Most Fake Profiles have "Female" as a gender, this doesn't Mean all fb accounts with "Female" Genders are Fake, There are many other things to Identify Fake Facebook Account.
  • If thier photos folder shows only 1 or 2 Pictures that too of random Celebrities then probably its fake
  • If the Person does not update Status, or if he does, the Comments does not read like his Real friends or the profile does not comments on others status,then its likely to be a Fake profile

The "About" tab will Give you More information about the Profile, if the "About" tab don't show you any info about the persons profile then thats an indication about fake profile

Girls Profile :-

Most of the Fake profiles are created with Girl Identity and with a Beautiful face as a Profile Picture, You may even find Cell phone Number, Girls Hardly will Share thier Contact number in Public.
A girl Profile with Lots of Friends and Followers indicates a Fake Profile.

These were some tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account , which i wanted to share with you all, if you find any Fake profile then you and your friends can report it to facebook.
Prevent Facebook Accounts From Being Hacked

Prevent Facebook Accounts From Being Hacked

There are a lot of ways to lose control of your Facebook account. You may get hacked and ultimately loose Control over your facebook account

Certainly this is not the end of the world, but be aware that you can also be the victim of an attack by malicious softwares and hackers causing much more damage on your ? Facebook account. It is very important to Prevent Fb Accounts from Being Hacked.

Prevent Facebook Accounts From Being Hacked

Indeed, while no software installed on your local system, there is nothing that your local antivirus can detect and your account may be hacked in one-of- hand trick, leading to all sorts of hassles and problems . So today in this article we will discuss some Basic Tips to Prevent Fb Accounts from Being Hacked.

Tips to Prevent Fb Accounts from Being Hacked

1)Application Permission-

Whenever on Facebook you answer a quiz , install a Facebook game, or add any application , you will be forced to go through an intermediate screen showing what the permissions the application needs . These permissions can include almost anything, which may also include full access to your Facebook account , even when you're not connected.

In other words, if you do not carefully read the permissions required , you might end up giving more than just personal information, so beware next time and Prevent Fb Accounts from Being Hacked !

2) Spam Video links:-

Also Beware of videos on Facebook, Spammers are targeting Facebook to Spread links of Spammy videos, Which on your click redirects you and takes control of your fb account to Spam on other fb comments, you might not be even aware that you have commented so and so thing on so and so palce.

3)Download Notification:-

Sometimes when you start a video , you receive a notification that you need to install or update a codec , which is necessary and essential to watch the clip.

That may be true, but its often said that codec is actually a Trojan horse . For those who do not know , be aware that antivirus program is blocking it , although it could still slip through the net and suddenly be harmful for you. So be very smart when you come accross this situation and Prevent Fb Accounts from Being Hacked.

4) Message from Facebook:-

If you own Popular Facebook pages, then you may even recieve Messages with names like : Facebook team, Security team, Facebook Security, etc, etc.

The Message would so legit that you will be Forced to click on Some link, Which are actually Cookie stealing apps and eventually you may end up loosing your facebook account so better ignore that message and Prevent Fb Accounts from Being Hacked.

No Facebook team will never Send you such messages, so Dont forget to Report that message.
Protect Yourself:

Facebook continues to work on security even within its platform, but the social giant can not help you to provide your personal information to play a game or a quiz . In addition, a local antivirus will not prevent this error.

Ultimately it is up to you to pay attention and Prevent yourself:

Add your phone number and Change its privacy to Only me, So Even if there is any problem in your fb account you may easily get it back by making facebook send you Code to your Mobile. And Changing your Phone number Privacy to Only me Will make sure that other people will not be able to see your Phone number.

Add Security Question as a Secondary option to get back your Facebook account. Choose a Question, Answer to which only you know. or add any other Unique answer which nobody knows but make sure you are able to remember it.

Add People as Friends that you know personally, Many a times people on facebook adds many other people who they dont even know by thier face. Facebook Asks you to identify Friends in which they are Tagged in.

Turn on Notification when you log in to your facebook account, so whenever you login, you get a mail from facebook with information about time, date, Operating system and Browser.

Change your Password Frequently, It is said that you must Use your  Password as your Toothbrush. So keep changing it Frequently to Prevent Fb Accounts from Being Hacked

So these were some Basic Tips that Facebook users must Consider in order to keep their facebook account secure and safe. I hope the methods given above helped you.