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Multi or Random Banner Ad Rotator Script

Multi or Random Banner Ad Rotator Script

If you have limited space on your Website or Blog, but you want to display multiple banners, the easiest way to show your ads is to rotate the banners based on a random chance or a specific algorithm.

Banner Ad Rotator

This banner rotator is a little bit different from loading one banner to other banner. Don't needed to Refresh the page to see new Ad banners. This Multi or Random Banner Ad Rotator Script is automatically change your banner.

Live Demo

Multi or Random Banner Ad Rotator Script

You can just place this below code, where you want to display multiple banners.
<script type="text/javascript">
* Name    : Banner Ad Rotator 
* Publisher: HowlMeFlash
* URL:

function Banner(refreshTime, width, height, altText, start, random){
 this.objName = "bannerAd" + (Banner.count++);
 eval(this.objName + "=this");
 if (!refreshTime) this.refreshTime = 5000; else this.refreshTime = refreshTime*1000;
 if (!width) this.width = 460; else this.width = width;
 if (!height) this.height = 68; else this.height = height;
 if (random == null) this.random = 1; else this.random = random;
 this.altText = altText; = [];
 if (start) this.currentAd = start-1; else start = null;
 this.mySize = 0;

 this.Ad = function(src, href, target, mouseover) {
  var tempImage = new Image();
  tempImage.src = src;[this.mySize] = new Object();
  var ad =[this.mySize];
  ad.src = src;
  if (typeof(target) == "undefined" || target == null) = "_self"; else = target;
  ad.href = href;
  ad.mouseover = mouseover;
 } = function(){
  var ad =[this.currentAd];
  if ( == "_self"){
   location.href = ad.href;
  else if ( == "_blank" || == "_new"){
   open(ad.href,this.objName + "Win");
  else top.frames[].location.href = ad.href;

 this.showStatus = function(){
  var ad =[this.currentAd];
  if (ad.mouseover) status = ad.mouseover;
  else status = ad.href;

 this.randomAd = function(){
  var n;
  do { n = Math.floor(Math.random() * (this.mySize)); } 
  while(n == this.currentAd);
  this.currentAd = n;

 this.output = function(){
  var tempCode = "";
  if (this.mySize > 1){
   if (this.currentAd == null) this.randomAd();
   if (this.currentAd >= this.mySize) this.currentAd = this.mySize - 1;
   tempCode = '<a href="javascript:'+this.objName+'.link();"';
   tempCode += ' onMouseOver="' + this.objName + '.showStatus(); return true"';
   tempCode += ' onMouseOut="status=\'\';return true">';
   tempCode += '<img src="' +[this.currentAd].src + '" width="' + this.width;
   tempCode += '" name="' + this.objName + 'Img" height="' + this.height + '" ';
   if (this.altText) tempCode += 'alt="'+this.altText + '" ';
   tempCode += 'border="0" /></a>';
  } else document.write("Error: two banners must be defined for the script to work.");

 this.newAd = function(){
  if (!this.random){ 
   if (this.currentAd >= this.mySize)
      this.currentAd = 0;
  else {

 this.nextAd = function(){
  document.images[this.objName+ 'Img'].src =[this.currentAd].src;
Banner.count = 0;
<script type="text/javascript">
// Banner Ad Rotator
// Publisher: HowlMeFlash
// URL:
myAd = new Banner( 8, 468, 60, "Visit our sponsor", 1, 0 );
myAd.Ad( "", "", "_blank", "Increase Website Traffic" );
myAd.Ad( "", "", "_blank", "Best Adsense Alternative" );
myAd.Ad( "", "", "_blank", "Free website traffic to your site" );
myAd.Ad( "", "", "_blank", "Best SEO Booster" );
myAd.Ad( "", "", "_blank", "AdFly" );
myAd.Ad( "", "", "_blank", "UsersFiles" );
myAd.Ad( "", "", "_blank", "Rapidgator" );
myAd.Ad( "", "", "_blank", "TusFiles" );
// -->


* Number of Banner :- 8

* Replace 1st Link with the Image links of the Advertiser’s banners
* Replace 2nd Link with the website link of the advertiser
* _blank to open a new tab for your browse with the website link of the advertiser
* Replace Text with some information related to the Ad. The description appears on mouse hover.

Note : This script I example only 8 banner, you can add much more banner. Just modify 2nd script 1st line and add link same as show on 2nd line.

How to Add Multi or Random Ad Banner Widget to Your Blogger blogspot Blogs

Simply follow these steps
1. Go To Blogger > Design > Page Elements
2. Choose HTML/JavaScript Widget
3. And Paste the following code inside it
4. Save.
That's all, you successfully added Multi or Random Banner Ad Rotator Script
So this was our guide on How to add or use Multi or Random Banner Ad Rotator Script, I hope the methods given above helped you.
How to Add 125x125 Advertise Here Ad Banner Widget to Blogger

How to Add 125x125 Advertise Here Ad Banner Widget to Blogger

Adding Advertising Ad Banner Widget in Blogger is a best way to earn online money directly from your blog or website without using any 3rd party advertising network. Thus you have to make your blog more unique and more professional for doing this type of job, for example if you have great content, Valued Customers or Readers and Daily average unique visitors, Good Alexa rank and much other factors which you can see below. If you have all these factors on your website or blog then you will surely obtain great advertisers and by using this you can earn huge money from your site. But before adding this Advertising Gadget in Blogger you have to gain the below factors on your site!

Obtain following below qualities in your website:

  1. Unique Content (Not Stolen or Pirated Stuff)
  2. Alexa Rank should be lesser than 100K
  3. Targeted Audience
  4. Try to get more USA Audience
  5. Domain Authority (Greater than 20+)
  6. Page Authority (Greater than 20+)
  7. Now Google Pagerank is not necessary because Google has stopped this factor
  8. Clean and Professional Design
  9. Attracting and User Friendly Structure
  10. Fast Loading Speed

If you have these above mentioned things on your blog then you can easily make more money directly from your website and then you must add advertisement gadget in your blog to show how you exciting to advertise other's product and services on your site.

Note: Always try to put relevant ads on your site to avoid getting punish from Google Updating Tools.

Advertise Here Ad Banner Widget

How to Add 125x125 Advertise Here Ad Banner Widget to Blogger

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout, click on "Add a Gadget" link, then a page will popup to you here scroll down it and select "HTML/JavaScript"

2. Now copy the below entire piece of code and paste it into HTML/JavaScript empty box and Save.

#adspace {
margin: 0px;
padding: 5px;
text-align: center; }
#adspace img {
margin: 0px 8px 4px 0px;
padding: 3px;
text-align: center;
border: 3px solid #c0c0c0;
-webkit-transition: all 0.45s ease-out;
-moz-transition: all 0.45s ease-out;
-o-transition: all 0.45s ease-out;
transition: all 0.45s ease-out;
#adspace img:hover {
margin: 0px 8px 4px 0px;
padding: 3px;
text-align: center;
border: 3px solid #c33f00;
<div id="adspace">
<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="Advertisement Link Here"><img height="115" alt="banner ads" src="" width="115" border="0"/></a>
<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="Advertisement Link Here"><img height="115" alt="banner ads" src="" width="115" border="0"/></a>
<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="Advertisement Link Here"><img height="115" alt="banner ads" src="" width="115" border="0"/></a>
<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="Advertisement Link Here"><img height="115" alt="banner ads" src="" width="115" border="0"/></a>

How to customize the Gadget properly

Now its time to customize the whole gadget according to your desire, See the below instructions to adding it properly with your own wish so that it could be smartly fit on your website!

  1. Replace all "Advertisement Link Here" with the 3rd party advertisement link or sponsored link
  2. If you want to change the default image with your own then you can simply change it by replacing all Green Colored image link with your own image's link.
  3. By default i have added nofollow attribute in the above gadget but if you want to gain your reader from your blog to 3rd party website by doing Dofollow link then you can easily do this by replacing all nofollow to dofollow.

So this was our guide on How to Add 125x125 Advertise Here Ad Banner Widget to Blogger , I hope the methods given above helped you in adding 125x125 Advertise Here Ad Banner Widget to Blogger.
MyTeam11 Play and Win Real Cash With Rs. 100 Sign Up Bonus

MyTeam11 Play and Win Real Cash With Rs. 100 Sign Up Bonus

Myteam11 is another good website like Dream11 for play fantasy cricket and earn real money. It can be transferred to your bank account. Where they also give same Sign up and Refer and earn Bonus that’s why you can earn unlimited money for play.

MyTeam11 Referral Code and Sign Up Bonus

It’s a very interesting as here you are the one who selects the team of 11 players of your own choice but the player you choose must be chosen intelligently as credit point will be deducted for each player selected and this way you will have to select all 11 players within the given credit limit.

Make Your Team by Selecting Both sides players then Choose One captain which Will give you 2X points and Choose one Vice Captain which Will give you 1.5X Points. Once you make Your Team then You can join league by paying Entry fees.

Steps to Join & Get Rs. 100 On SignUp at MyTeam11

So, just follow below steps for start your earnings:-

  1. First of all Visit Website or Download AppFrom here.
  2. Open App >> Register >> Enter all the Required Details & Referral code as X50V35BDXZ to eligible Rs. 100 Bonus.
  3. Now register account by Entering Your email and other details ( Use Facebook or Google for faster access )
  4. Now verify Your Mobile Number by otp.
  5. Now Click on Right hand side corner Menu >> Verify my account.
  6. Now Enter Pan card details and Upload Pan card Photo , Enter bank details.
  7. Done ! Within Some days they will verify your account and Credit Rs. 100 More In Your wallet.

In this way they will give you Rs. 100 Sign up bonus.

Must Enter Referral To Get Rs.100 (Use Code:- X50V35BDXZ On Sign up)

[X Five Zero V Three Five B D X Z] Without Space

  • Rs. 25 on Mobile Verification Instantly.
  • Rs. 25 on Email Verification Instantly.
  • Rs. 50 on Pan card and bank Details Verification.

Refer And Earn in Myteam11

  1. Login in Your account.
  2. At top You will see Refer a friend option.
  3. Click on it , Pop up Will show you.
  4. Copy Refer Link and share it with Your friends.
  5. Once they completed one by One verification process, You will get one by one bonus.
  6. On Completing Mobile Verification you will get Rs. 25 , Email verification Rs. 25 and Pan & bank Verification Rs. 50.

How To Play :- Click Here

Cricket lovers Don’t wait and Make new account by above Steps and get free Rs. 100. Play matches from this Rs. 100 and win real cash which you can withdrawal directly in your bank account by Single click.
Playzo ~ Play Fantasy Cricket and Earn Real Money + Rs. 100 Sign up Bonus

Playzo ~ Play Fantasy Cricket and Earn Real Money + Rs. 100 Sign up Bonus

Hello Readers, we are back with new fantasy cricket site Playzo. All new fantasy sports website to earn real money. It is new fantasy cricket site, You can earn real money while playing your favorite sports.


Playzo is India’s Sports Fantasy Platform deals in cricket leagues only. Playzo provides you a platform to earn some penny along with watching cricket. Playzo lets you build your own fantasy team for particular upcoming matches. You can select best 11 players from both the teams according to your judgment & skills. Be a risk taker, and earn lots of money. Playzo calculates your score on the basis of performance by the selected 11 players.


  • First of all go to PlayZo- [Click Here]
  • Now sign up with your email address.
  • Enter your deatils.
  • Then enter Playzo refer code –42d3b9eb31
  • Must use above refer code for Rs.50 sign up bonus.
  • Then click on sign up button and verify your mail.
  • Rs 50 more bonus after KYC verification.
  • Bingo ! you are ready to win real money now.


  1. Sign in into your account after verification.
  2. On the dashboard, You can see upcoming matches. Choose any league you want to play.
  3. Then create your fantasy cricket site using your sports skill & knowledge.
  4. Your Star player will get 2X point and captain will get 1.5X points.
  5. Be careful in selection of your Star and captain player.
  6. Now join any pot and start compete with others.


  • Just Sign in into your account.
  • Go to refer and earn section.
  • Start sharing your refer link with your friends.
  • You will earn Rs. 50 when your friend joins PlayZo using your refer code.
  • Also earn 10% when your friend performs his/her first deposit transaction.
  • You can invite unlimited friends!
  • Referral bonus will be awarded when your friend uploads his/her PAN card details

Withdrawals In Playzo

  • To withdraw your winnings, You need to upload your pan card.
  • Users can not withdraw bonus balance. As bonus balance is meant to play leagues only.
  • You will get a Rs 50 bonus once you upload pan card.
  • Min. withdrawal  20 rs.
  • You have to submit aadhar card, bank statement then only your withdrawal will be processed.

So this is another best opportunity to convert your sports knowledge into money. Don’t miss it!
PlayerzPot – New Sports Fantasy Site

PlayerzPot – New Sports Fantasy Site

Friends Today I am going to Introduce You Another New Fantasy Sports Site same as Dream 11. Playerzpot is a fantasy sports website where you can earn lots of money using your skills and knowledge. It is legal and secure. Playerzpot has the fastest payment than any other sites.


Users can withdraw their winnings directly into paytm account. Fast KYC verification, No need to upload images of pan card and id proof. Minimum 150 rs winnings are required.

How to Join Playerzpot

  1. Go to Playerzpot
  2. Login with Facebook or Gmail(Recommended).
  3. Click on Gmail > Login your Gmail account > Enter Refer code: ARIJI501{Mandatory, to get signup bonus}
  4. In case of refer code error, check if any extra space is there or not.
  5. You will get a confirmation mail. Click on the confirmation link to verify your membership.

How to play in Playerzpot

  1. Login to you Playerzpot account.
  2. Select available matches from League match fixtures.
  3. Now, Choose your best 11 according to performance and current form.
  4. Choose your Star player, Captain wisely. Star player will score 2x the scored points while captain will score 1.5x the scored points.
  5. Save your squad. You can create 3 different squads.
  6. Choose game pot according to credits.
  7. The game pot is locked is an hour before of the official match commencement time.

How to withdraw in Playerzpot

  1. Click on Wallet
  2. Then Click on Withdraw
  3. Enter amount to withdraw money & click again Withdraw
  4. Note: 1st time You need to verify your Paytm Mobile Number first. It is a one-time and a mandatory process to withdraw money.

Refer & Earn in Playerzpot

  1. Refer & Earn box is available at the top of your screen.
  2. Click on share now button. A popup will appear, Copy your invite code or directly share your invite code on social media.
  3. Get 10% on every transaction your referrals make.
  4. The referred person will get Rs.10 signup bonus.

So this was our review on PlayerzPot, I hope the methods given above helped You.
Hike App Loot Get Rs 25 on Sign up + Refer & Earn Upto Rs 10000

Hike App Loot Get Rs 25 on Sign up + Refer & Earn Upto Rs 10000

Hello friends, Today we are back with Hike loot offer. Hike has come up with Invite and Earn campaign. Through this Hike Refer and Earn offer, you can earn up to Rs 10,000.

Hike App Loot

Hike App Is Giving Upto Rs25 On Signup, If You Download Hike Via Our Invitation Link. Hike App Rewards Will Be Transfer To Bank Account, Used For Recharge. Also You Can Transfer One Account Reward To Other Account.

How To Join In Hike App & Get Rs 25 on Sign up Bonus:-

  • Download Hike app from here.
  • Install it & verify your number through OTP.
  • From Dashboard “Claim your Reward
  • You will get Rs 25 as sign up bonus.
  • That’s it!

How To Refer And Earn In Hike App:-

1-First Save Your Friend Mobile Number. [Which You Want To Invite]

2-Open Hike App And Click On Me Tab.

3-Here You Will see Refer And Earn Banner.

4-Click On “Invite Now” .

5-After That You Will See 3 options for Invite Friends: 1.Invite Group 2.Invite Friends 3.Invite Contacts

6-Now Select Any One And Start Inviting Your Friends.

7-When Your Invited Friend Signup using your invitation link You Will Get Reward Card, Where You Will Get Upto Rs 25.

How To Redeem In Hike App:-

1-Open Hike App and Click On Me Tab.

2-Then Click On Wallet, Here You See Your Earning.
Note :- You Can Redeem Your Earning As Recharge And In Bank And Also In Other Hike Wallet.
So this was our guide on How to earn money unlimited using Hike, I hope the methods given above helped you.