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Essential Features Of The Android Developer Option

Essential Features Of The Android Developer Option

If you use Android Mobile, in that case you have probably heard about the Android developer option  or you have seen it, so in this case, you need to know about the feature within the developer option, so today In this post, I will tell you about 15 features in the developer option.

Features Of The Android Developer Option

Developer mode is an advanced feature that is hidden in every Android mobile, so you have to active it. Then you will see this option. To active the developer option, go to the settings of your own mobile and then go to the next You will get the build version on it. You have to tap ISP 7 times. Developer options is what you can do to enable it to be enabled in your mobile.

Now let us know the options or features in this one by itself, but it has a lot of options in it, but in this post you have told about the feature that you will find in all versions of Android mobile.

Android Developer option Features

Stay awake: This option you all whether Android will get up she Jelly Bean, Lolipop or Mrsmello have this option if you Android Developer option ( Android Developer Option is activated settle in), your mobile screen off This will not happen whenever you charge your mobile, when you charge your mobile, your mobile screen will be on the screen, then this option will probably be used by anyone.

OEM Unlock: The OEM feature is very rich in the feature android developer option, which has full name Original Equipment Manufacture unlock. These features will be available in Android with Lollipop version or above, and this version will be available in this version. That is, if you want to upgrade your mobile to custom rom, then you have to activate the OEM unlock option in the mobile.

Running Service: By clicking on this option you can find which service is active in your mobile i.e. running and how much RAM is using it, you can know about all these.

USB Debugging: This feature is an exhaustive feature of the android developer option, and many people know about this feature. With this feature you can connect your mobile to the computer i.e. if your To connect the mobile to the computer, you have to activate this option only if your mobile will connect to your computer, for example, if you have to show your mobile screen in the computer So you have to do the usb debugging option.

Aggressive wifi / cell handover: This feature is not very useful, but what will happen if you activate this feature whenever your Wi-Fi network is a Wi-Fi mobile, then you will automatically have a mobile device on your mobile net. The work comes when you download a movie or download a large file from the mobile. You do not want this to be canceled.

USB Configuration: This option is a little fun you can choose in this option when you connect your mobile to the use of USB cable, so what do you want mobile charge to be connected or just connect it like this? Show file or folder or just show the photo or use it as an ethernet cable

Show Touches: As friends are known by name, by activating this option, you can do a touch show in your mobile i.e. whenever you activate this option when you go to the android developer option. After that the touch show will start your mobile

Show pointer location: By activating this option you can see where you are touching your mobile where you are touching the spot on the screen.

Window Animation Scale: This option is an advanced feature of the android developer option. With this option you can control the speed of your mobile window animation.

Transition Scale: Whenever you open an app in this option, any transition that will appear in it, how fast it will be open or if it is open, you can control all the speed here.

Animator Duration Scale: In this option you can set the duration of animate i.e. how long you want to show the animation can be set here

Simulate Secondary Scale: With the help of this feature, you can create a second screen in your mobile i.e. you want to show a secondary screen, so that you can do this option.

Turn on 4XMSAA: This feature is for gaming users if you do not have a gaming performance or gaming graphic in your mobile, then you can do this graphic by activating this feature and making the graphic better.

Show CPU ussage: By activating this feature, you can see the cpu ussage of your mobile, meaning how much RAM is being used in mobile, how much battery is being used etc.

Turn on Opengl Traces: The help of this feature can create your mobile location, but for this, you have to use a different Fake Location app and select it, then you can create a Fake Location.
How to Clean a Touch Screen

How to Clean a Touch Screen

Smudges all over your gadget's touchscreen? Maybe the fingerprint trail for the latest, must-have game you are addicted to lies on your screen? Regularly cleaning your cell phone, tablet, MP3 player's touchscreen, or any other touch screen device is essential for its upkeep and longevity.

Clean a Touch Screen

Learn how to wipe away those smudges with ease and how to avoid doing things your touchscreen would not appreciate.

1. Choose a microfiber cloth.
This is ideal for cleaning a touchscreen. Some devices will have such a cloth included or perhaps you can borrow one you use on your sunglasses.
  • The cost of such cloth varies. For cloth recommended by companies for their products, the price can be considerably higher simply because of the recommendation. Look around for a good deal on such cloth or substitute with a cheaper but still effective microfiber cloth.

2. Turn off the device before commencing to clean it.
It is usually much easier to see where to clean when the device is switched off.

3. Give the screen a once over by brushing it with the microfiber in small circles.
This will remove the majority of simple imperfections.

4. Only if truly needed, moisten a cotton cloth, even the corner of your cotton shirt, and repeat the small circular motions.
It may actually be enough to just breathe over the screen and use that moisture to clean with.
  • Read the instructions accompanying the cloth you're using. Some of them need to be made slightly damp before use. If this is the case, skip this step and follow the cloth's instructions instead.
  • If dampening a cloth, it is best to use distilled water.

5. Brush again with the microfiber cloth to finish off.
Don't over-rub though! And if there is any dampness left, just leave it to air dry.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the screen when cleaning it.

How to Wash Your Microfiber Cloth

To wash your microfiber cloth, soak it in warm, soapy water. The warm water serves to open the fibers and release the grime that may have gathered. Scrub the cloth lightly while soaking it (not too hard or you will damage the cloth).

After soaking, avoid squeezing out any excess water, let the cloth out to air dry. If you're in a hurry, you may want to blow dry it. Do not wash any screens with the cloth until dry (or lightly damp) to the touch.
How to Download Flash Videos in Computer and Mobile

How to Download Flash Videos in Computer and Mobile

Just reads this article and learn the many ways s/he can use to download Flash videos.

Web's Video Format: Most websites use the FLV( Adobe Flash Video) format to display the various types of videos. The reason for this is that FLV files use comparatively less amount of storage space for the same video quality.

Download Flash Videos

How to Play Flash Videos: To play FLV media in browsers, you need to have Adobe's Flash Player plugin installed. To play FLV formatted videos in your PC, you need to have a media player capable of playing FLV videos. VLC Media player is one such free media player which can easily play FLV files.(To download VLC Media Player and other essential software)

Update: Not necessarily, modern web browsers that support HTML5 can play Flash videos by using the new HTML5 players.

Download Flash Videos via Internet Explorer: This technique uses copying FLV videos from Internet Explorer's temporary files cache. A temporary files cache is a collection of items which are stored on the disk to load them quickly without downloading them again. Not only Internet Explorer, but almost all browsers have a temporary files cache. But most of these browsers store the files in cache without any extension which leads to complexity in finding saved videos. On the other hand, Internet Explorer stores the file "as it is" in its cache. To download FLV Videos via Internet Explorer, follow the instructions given below:-

For Internet Explorer 6 and earlier versions:-
  1. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator.
  2. Play the video of your choice in Internet Explorer.
  3. Go to Control Panel. Click on switch to classic view in the sidebar.
  4. Click on Folder Options.
  5. Click on View Tab and encircle "Show hidden files and folders".
  6. Go to My Computer.
  7. Click on your System Drive.(The drive containing your Windows files.)
  8. Click on Documents and Settings.
  9. Click on your User name.
  10. Click on Local Settings.
  11. Copy your Temporary Internet Files folder and paste it to your desktop.
  12. Search the pasted folder for "*.flv" without the quotes. And play the files to find your video. Copy your found video and paste it to the location of your choice.

For Internet Explorer 7 ,8 and 9:-
  1. Make sure you are logged in as an Administrator.
  2. Play the video of your choice in Internet Explorer.
  3. Go to Control Panel. Click on switch to classic view in the sidebar.
  4. Click on Folder Options.
  5. Click on View Tab and encircle "Show hidden files and folders", de-select "Hide protected Operating System Files" and de-select "Hide Extensions for Known Filetypes".
  6. Windows XP Users, follow the instructions given above for IE6 after Step 5.
  7. Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, navigate to your system drive.
  8. Navigate to Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\
  9. Add "Low\Content.IE5" to the location in the address bar.
  10. There will be some folders with random alphanumeric names.
  11. Opening those folders would display a security message. Click Yes.
  12. You cannot search these folders so, you will have to look into them to find the video of your choice. (This can be simplified by selecting "Details View" and sorting the contents by size. Videos being of larger size would be at the top of the list.)
  13. Then copy the found video and paste it to the location of your choice.
  14. You can also copy those folders and paste them to your desktop. This will enable you to search them easily.

Downloading FLV Videos via third party software: Due to the popularity of watching videos online, many third party companies have manufactured many software programs to download Flash videos. A simple web search containing "free software to download Flash videos" is likely to return a lot of such software.

Downloading FLV videos via Real Media Player: Real Media Player states that it is the best free media player available to play, manage and download all your mp3, flash and video files. I do not quite agree but still, Real Media Player offers a very good plugin with which you can download FLV videos easily. Whenever Real Media Player detects a flash video, it offers an option to download the video right on top of it.

Downloading Flash Videos in Mobiles: Android mobile users can use Video Downloader app to download FLV and other types of videos directly to their mobiles.

Third Party Websites to Download Flash videos: There are many free third party websites on the internet which offer you to download FLV videos just by entering the URL of the video, selecting the format and clicking on the download button. Few such sites are:-

1.  Keepvid: Keepvid allows you to download Flash videos in a wide variety of formats including .MP4, .3GP( high and low quality) and yeah, .FLV format. It also supports downloading via mobiles.
2.  SaveVid: SaveVid  also offers downloading flash videos in various formats with the option of downloading them in different qualities.
How To Send Receive Money Using WhatsApp

How To Send Receive Money Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp Payments feature which is based on UPI has started rolling out in India which will mean that you will be able to send money to your friends and family right from WhatsApp. The most widely used messaging service across globe, started rolling out the UPI-based Payments feature in India to select users last week.

Send and Received Payment Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s payment feature is based on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) platform. The official roll-out for general public is expected to be announced very soon. But if you don’t wish to wait for that long, there’s already a workaround to get the WhatsApp UPI payment feature right away.

So, if one of your friends who already has received the UPI update on their WhatsApp, you can ask them to invite you to seed the feature.

whatsapp payment guide

Note that the feature is only available to the mobile version of the application and not on WhatsApp Web. Also, the payment interface supports UPI services from all major banks. Mobile Number must be register with Bank.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on what you have to do to enable WhatsApp UPI feature on your phone:

Setup WhatsApp UPI Payments

  • Firstly install or Update latest version WhatsApp 
  • Open WhatsApp > Head to Settings 
  • Payments to start setting up the Payments option.
  • On tapping the option, users will be welcomed by a new message saying "Send and receive money securely with UPI" and users need to tap on "Accept and Continue" to start accepting the WhatsApp Payments.
  • Users then will have to verify their phone numbers by choosing "Verify via SMS". It's worth noting that the SMS charges will be applicable.
  • Now Link your Bank account which is linked to your WhatsApp Registered number. Also Set MPIN or UPI Pin using your Bank ATM/Debit Card. (Enter Last 6 Digits and Expiry date of your Debit Card and select MPIN).
  • It will also ask to Create your New UPI, just select any Username for UPI and create it.
  • Done. That's all.

Send Received Money using WhatsApp UPI Payments

Now, how to send money to a friend using Payments feature on WhatsApp. To start sending money, tap on menu in any chat to access Payment option apart from other options like send photo, video, file, contact, or location.

send money to a friend using Payments feature on WhatsApp

  • Users who already have the feature need to go to their friend’s profile on WhatsApp or Choose a WhatsApp contact you want to send your payment.
  • Once there, they simply need to tap the attachment (paper clip-shaped) button.
  • This will prompt them to see the payment option. They need to tap the payment option.
  • Enter amount > Enter the UPI Pin > Money sent.
  • Once the transaction is complete, WhatsApp also notifies the user about the money sent to a contact. You can also keep a track of Payments from within the app, by using the Payment history option in WhatsApp.
  • This will give them an error, saying that their friend doesn’t have WhatsApp UPI feature just yet. But in reality, they have just enabled the WhatsApp UPI feature for their friend.
  • Now, you can go to the settings section within the app where you will see the payment option yourself.
  • You can now invite your friends in a similar fashion.

So this was our guide on How To Send Received Payment Using WhatsApp, I hope the methods given above helped you in sending and receiving money on whatsapp.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

iPhone Tips and Tricks

Whether you are a new user or a seasoned user of Apple’s iPhone, you're most likely not making use of your smartphone to the absolute maximum. With these simple tips and tricks, you won’t learn everything about your iPhone, but you will definitely become a more proficient user.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

You can take a screenshot.
From saving content you view on your mobile browser to taking quick snaps of funny texts, taking a screenshot can be incredibly useful in a lot of ways. Taking a quick snap of whatever is on your iPhone’s display is super quick and easy; simply press the home key at the bottom of your phone at the same time as the button at the top of the device. Your screenshot will be saved to your camera roll.

Have Fun With Siri
If you add the address for people in your contact list and then ask Siri to take you to them, she will give you directions to their house. Telling Siri about your relations will cause her to ask to remember them. If you agree, she will remember. Then, whenever you ask her to name your relation, she will. e.g. Telling Siri that Rebecca is my sister will make her tell that Rebecca is your sister whenever you ask the question, "Who is my sister?"

Instant Scrolling
If you have scrolled down a really long web page, then just tap the bar on the top of your screen to immediately be taken to the top of it.

Automatic Backup
To automatically backup your iPhone on iCloud, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and turn on iCloud Backup. This will automatically backup your phone's critical data without the need to synchronize it again and again.

Caps Lock
To type in capital letters, just enable Caps Lock on your phone by double tapping the Shift arrow.

Extend Battery Life
If you feel that your iPhone's battery performance is below par, you can increase it by disabling 3G, Bluetooth and push notifications. Just go to Settings> General> Network to do this.

Use the Home Button
Pressing the Home button once will take you to your Main Screen. Pressing it twice will take you to Spotlight Search which you can use to search everything on your phone.

Control what appears in Spotlight search
To control what appears in Spotlight search, go to Settings> General> Spotlight Search and select according to your needs.

Block Inappropriate Content
To do so, go to Settings> General> Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions. This will allow you to add a pass code and select which apps you want to make accessible.

Download Apps and Music on all your iProducts
If you have many Apple devices and don't want to download the same apps or music on them again and again, you can enable automatic downloads for apps, music and iBooks by going to Settings> Store.

Send Read Receipts in iMessage
You can let others know when you have read their text messages by enabling "Send Receipts" from Settings> Messages.

Close Programs Running in the Background
Just double tap the Home Button, then hold your finger down on the app you would like to close. Then, once it starts shaking, tap the red minus icon to close. This will be of huge help if you find that your phone is running slowly.

You can be a master of autocorrect.
If you are typing a note or an e-mail, you may have had some issues with the iPhone’s autocorrect or autocomplete features. Sometimes the results from this feature are helpful and right on, but other times they are anything but helpful. If you pay attention when you type, you don’t have to be at the mercy of your iPhone. A little textbox will pop up and recommend a spelling or a completed word; to accept it press the space key. If you don’t want to accept the word, tap the tiny “x” that appears next to it. This can help you avoid some faux pas when texting.

Create your own dictionary.
Speaking of autocorrect and autocomplete, you can create your own dictionary. When you enter a custom dictionary, your phone will autocorrect and autocomplete the things you type by inserting words you actually use. To do this, go to “Settings” and then “General.” In this menu, scroll down to the shortcuts area and tap “Add New Shortcut.” Not only will this let you enter in custom dictionary words, but you can also enter in shortcuts so that your abbreviations will end up inputting complete words in texts and emails.

Have custom ring tones for less money.
Your iPhone comes with many ringtones and message tones, but these are the same sounds that millions of other iPhone users are utilizing. If you want something unique, you may be tempted to shell out big bucks for custom ring tones. If you like to assign special ringtones to certain people or groups, this may cost you a lot. So, in order to get ringtones without breaking the bank (and taking away your app budget), you should look at applications that allow you to make ringtones out of songs you already have on your phone. Some of these cost money and should only be bought if you want to create a lot of ringtones. If you are only looking to turn out a couple of tones, you can even get a free version of these popular apps.

Block your number from other people’s caller ID.
Blocking your number can be helpful for any number of reasons. Maybe you don’t want an ex that you need to call to have your new number, or possibly you are using your personal number for business, but you don’t want professional contacts to have your personal digits. You can block your number easily from the “Settings” menu. There, you should go to the “phone” area and select the “Show My Caller ID” option; there you need to slide over to “no.” To switch it back on, follow the same steps and slide over to “yes.”

Multitask like nobodies’ business.
One of the reasons many preferred Android to the iPhone was because it offered better multitasking. As the iOS developed, multitasking has improved. When you need to quickly switch from one app to another, you simply have to press the home button to leave an app. Then double click the home key again to reveal your most recently used apps at the bottom of the screen. A quick swipe of the finger will allow you to flick through all recently used applications, allowing you to quickly hop from one application to another; thus making you more productive.
How to Connect Mobile Data Internet on Airplane or Flight Mode

How to Connect Mobile Data Internet on Airplane or Flight Mode

Do you want to use Internet On Airplane Mode to your smartphone ? if yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with a guide on How to Enable Mobile Data On Flight Mode to Android Phones.

Connect Internet On Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is a mobile setting that switches off your phone or tablet’s connection to cellular and Wi-Fi networks, as well as Bluetooth. It’s so-called because those radios may emit electromagnetic interference that can affect the operation of sensitive airplane instruments, or, according to the FAA, disrupt service in terrestrial cell towers, clogging networks with signals from the air. Switching cellular and Wi-Fi off makes the device OK to use in an airplane.

Connect Mobile Data Internet On Airplane or Flight Mode

  • First On Mobile Data
  • Then Tap On Airplane Mode
  • Go To Dial Pad & Dial This *#*#4636#*#*
  • Tap On Phone Information
  • Tap On Run Ping test
  • Tap On Turn On Radio
  • Tap Home Button
  • Tri Surf Internet

So this was our guide on How to Connect Internet On Flight Mode, I hope the methods given above helped you in Connecting Mobile Data On Airplane Mode.

Hike App Loot Get Rs 25 on Sign up + Refer & Earn Upto Rs 10000

Hike App Loot Get Rs 25 on Sign up + Refer & Earn Upto Rs 10000

Hello friends, Today we are back with Hike loot offer. Hike has come up with Invite and Earn campaign. Through this Hike Refer and Earn offer, you can earn up to Rs 10,000.

Hike App Loot

Hike App Is Giving Upto Rs25 On Signup, If You Download Hike Via Our Invitation Link. Hike App Rewards Will Be Transfer To Bank Account, Used For Recharge. Also You Can Transfer One Account Reward To Other Account.

How To Join In Hike App & Get Rs 25 on Sign up Bonus:-

  • Download Hike app from here.
  • Install it & verify your number through OTP.
  • From Dashboard “Claim your Reward
  • You will get Rs 25 as sign up bonus.
  • That’s it!

How To Refer And Earn In Hike App:-

1-First Save Your Friend Mobile Number. [Which You Want To Invite]

2-Open Hike App And Click On Me Tab.

3-Here You Will see Refer And Earn Banner.

4-Click On “Invite Now” .

5-After That You Will See 3 options for Invite Friends: 1.Invite Group 2.Invite Friends 3.Invite Contacts

6-Now Select Any One And Start Inviting Your Friends.

7-When Your Invited Friend Signup using your invitation link You Will Get Reward Card, Where You Will Get Upto Rs 25.

How To Redeem In Hike App:-

1-Open Hike App and Click On Me Tab.

2-Then Click On Wallet, Here You See Your Earning.
Note :- You Can Redeem Your Earning As Recharge And In Bank And Also In Other Hike Wallet.
So this was our guide on How to earn money unlimited using Hike, I hope the methods given above helped you.
Dream11 App Get RS 100 Bonus and Refer and Get RS 100 (Updated)

Dream11 App Get RS 100 Bonus and Refer and Get RS 100 (Updated)

Hey readers here is one another way to earn free money. This time, you can earn real cash from Dream11 fantasy cricket and can transfer to your bank account also. Today in this post I am going to share with another big loot trick through which You can get Rs.100 as a joining amount & also refer & earn Rs.100.

dream11 Signup Refer Earn Cash Bonus

Dream11 Is One Of The Most Trusted Fantasy Cricket Site Over The Internet. Dream11 app which is a legal cricket betting app in which you can earn hundreds of money by just betting cricket matches. Dream11 is a company which has a legal license to held cricket betting. This website is completely a genuine & 100% safe to earn to real cash.

Update : Refer & Earn amount is reduced to Rs.100. You will get Rs.40 on Mobile verification, Rs.20 on email verification & Rs.40 on App Download.

How to Get Rs.100 Sign Up Bonus in Dream11

  • First of all, You need to Visit Dream11 website :- Click Here
  • After that, Download & Install the app in your device
  • Then Signup using your details
  • Now Just click on “Invited by a friend?” option (See below image)
dream11 cash bonus invited promo code
  • Use referral code : ARIJI1510JK
  • Once you complete the registration process, Must verify your email id & Mobile Number (To get Rs.100)
  • Done.
  • You can not transfer this amount to your Bank account but You can use it to play a league
  • You will get 100 Points to Buy a players, select captain & Vice captain using your credits
  • Join league, Play & Win real money
  • Once you win any league, You can redeem your earnings directly in Bank Account.

How to redeem your earnings directly in Bank Account in Dream11

You Needed verify your Pancard & Bank Account, After you can Withdraw your earning to bank.
NOTE – Minimum Payout Is Rs 200 Only.

How to verify your Pancard in Dream11

  • To verify that, Just click on “Verify Now” option from top right hand side
  • Then Click on PAN Tab
  • After completing the above process
  • Done

How to verify your Bank account in Dream11

  • To verify that, Just click on “Verify Now” option from top right hand side
  • Then Click on Bank Tab
  • After completing the above process
  • Done

How To Refer Friends in Dream11

1. Firstly, Go to Refer Friends Section.
2. Copy Your Referal Code Or Link & Share With Friends.
3. When Your Friends Joins & Take Part In Leagues, You Will Get Bonus Of the Equal Amount.

How To Play:–

1. We All Know Cash Bonus Of Dream 11 Can’t Be Redeemed.
2. So Just Make A Team In Dream 11 By Selecting Any Match.
3. Then Join Leagues Leagues By Using Your Cash Bonus.
4. If Your Team Play Well You Will Win Amount Of Prize Given Mention Their.
5. Then You Can Redeem All Your Winnings Into Your Bank Account.

So this was our guide on How to unlimited real cash from Dream 11, I hope the methods given above helped you.

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How To Check Your Own Mobile number

How To Check Your Own Mobile number

Do you own a Dual SIM mobile phone? and remembering the number of Secondary SIM is difficult or are you on a recharge shop and don't have a single rupee to anyhow check your number then you are at right place.

Check Your Own Mobile number

Today we will tell you about How to check your own Mobile Number by simply just dialing a code.

Table of Contents:

  • Method 1 – Check your Own Mobile Number from mobile settings
  • Method 2- Check your own mobile number using USSD Codes ~ Only for Indian Mobile users

Check your Own Mobile Number from mobile settings

For this you would need to have registered SIM card in your mobile phone and the number which you are in search that number’s SIM card must be in your device. Then only you will get your SIM number.

For iPhone

  • Open  Settings 
  • Scroll down and open Phone option.
  • The very first box will display you your number. As you can see in the above picture.

For Android Phone’s

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down at bottom and select About device.
  • Now, select Status.
  • Go to SIM card status.
  • There you will find your phone number.

For Windows Phones

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Tap on the three dot icon in the bottom corner.
  • Now select Settings.
  • In the first box of the page your number will appear.

Check your own mobile number using USSD Codes

This is guide is not basically a trick, the USSD codes are legal and provided by the Network providers themselves, The main moto behind creating this post is to help users who Don't remember their mobile numbers. So all you need to do is just save the USSD Code in your contacts list and use whenever you want to check your Mobile number.

How to Check My Own Mobile number in Tata Docomo, Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Uninor, Reliance, MTNL, Videocon, Bsnl for free By Dialing A Code Number

As the Codes are different for Every state so try each and every code and see which one works for you . For example For me in West Bengal(INDIA) IDEA responded by Dialing *1#.

Okay Now lets Start with the guide

How to check My mobile number in Airtel

To Know your own airtel number dial the codes given below

*121*9# | *282# | *140*1600# | *140*175# | *141*123# | *400*2*1*10#

The *121*9# code is Personally tested by me, As i already said that every State has different USSD code so please check which one works for You.

How to check My mobile number in Idea

To Check your own idea Mobile number dial below ussd Codes

*789# | *147*8*2# | *147*1*3# | *147*2*4# | *100# | *131*1# | *125*9# | *147# | *131# | *1# | *616*6#

The *1# code is personally tested by me, You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in Reliance

To Check your own reliance mobile number dial below ussd Codes

*111# | *1#

The *1# code is personally tested by me, You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in Vodafone

To Know your own vodafone mobile number dial the codes given below

*111*2# | *555# | *555*0# | *777*0# | *131*0#

You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in BSNL

To Check your own BSNL mobile number dial below ussd Codes

*1# | *99# | *222#

You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in Aircel

To Know your own aircel mobile number dial below ussd Codes

*234*4# | *122*131# | *131# | *1# | *888#

You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in TATA DOCOMO

To Know your own tata Docomo mobile number dial the codes given below

*580# | *1# | *124# | *888#

You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in Videocon

To Know your own Videocon mobile number dial the codes given below


You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in Uninor

To Know your own Uninor mobile number dial the codes given below

*555# | *1#

You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in MTNL

To Know your own MTNL mobile number dial the codes given below


You can use any of the above code to check.
These are the most used mobile networks in India, if you know any other network Then please let us know we will update the guide with that.
So this was our guide on How to check my own mobile number in TataDocomo, Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Uninor, Reliance, MTNL, Videocon, Bsnl for free By Dialling A Code Number.
How to Add Gmail Account to Windows 8 Mail App

How to Add Gmail Account to Windows 8 Mail App

Do you want to Add Gmail Account to Windows 8 Mail App ? if yes, then you are at right place. Today we are here with a guide on How to add your gmail account to Microsoft Windows Mail App.

Add Gmail Account to Windows 8 Mail App

Add Gmail Account to Windows 8 Mail App

1. First open the app and go to settings.

2. Click/Tap on accounts.

3. Click/Tap on "Add An Account".

4. Select "Google Account".

5. Enter your email and password and click on "Connect".

6. Now your account is added but it will not show notification.
For notifications, again, go to Settings>Accounts>Gmail and turn notifications on.

So this was our guide on How to Add Gmail Account to Windows 8 Mail App, I hope the methods given above helped you.
How to Unblock Websites at School, Work, Home or Anywhere

How to Unblock Websites at School, Work, Home or Anywhere

Internet Censorship has grown drastically over the past few years with countries like China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran taking the lead over other governments in extending internet censorship to almost all sources of free unbiased information. Some schools and offices also prevent users from accessing certain websites which they believe are of no use in the respective areas.

Unblock Websites

Governments sometimes enforce censorship on all forms of print and digital media like newspapers and television. China is known to have even forced Google to filter its search results. In such times, sometime you may need to access a website that is blocked. This article explains how.

Which websites are most commonly Blocked?

The most commonly blocked websites include websites about pop culture, health, medicine, women, religion and politics. Social websites that are often blocked include Blogger (Blogspot) blogs, Google News, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Flickr, Hulu, LinkedIn, Yahoo! Messenger, Typepad, eBay, WikiLeaks, Digg, Reddit, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Wikipedia, YouTube, DMOZ etc.

Access Blocked Websites at School, Work or Anywhere

There are many genuine reasons for which you might visit blocked websites at your school or office. Given below are the many ways you can use to regain access to the blocked website you wish to visit.

1. Cache: Many search engines maintain a cache of web pages indexed by them. You can search for a website on Google , Yahoo! or Bing and click on the cached link that is given next to the result. To load the web pages more quickly, you can visit the text-only version.

2. Using Google Mobile Search: Google Mobile Search acts as a proxy which you can use easily. It removes all the CSS styling and JavaScript and presents a stripped down version of the web page to the user from it's own server. Due to this, the blocking software feels that you are visiting Google, whereas in reality, you are viewing the blocked website. It also breaks larger pages into many smaller ones. Go to Google Mobile Search.

3. To access a blocked website, you can enter the IP address instead of the URL in your browser's address bar. This can bypass most basic forms of website blocks. Although if the blocking software maps the IP address to the website domain, the website will still remain blocked. You can find the IP address of the website by pinging the website domain name in command prompt and noting its IP address. Execute ping in command prompt to ping

4. Access Blocked Websites using Google Translate or Yahoo! Babelfish. You can also use translational services to get on blocked websites. To do so, enter a language different from the website in the 'From' field and English in the "To" field. You can also use this method to bypass software that block websites on the basis of specific keyword mentions. Just translate the URL you wish to visit in a different language to overcome the keyword block.

5. Proxy Websites: There are many proxy websites (anonymizers) which open blocked websites on their servers and present the data to you. This hides from the service providers the address of the website you are trying to visit. Few popular free ones include Anonymouse and KProxy.

6. Use RSS Readers for Accessing Restricted Blogs: All blogs syndicate their content via RSS feeds which you can subscribe to in web based RSS Readers like Bloglines to access blocked content. For example, the RSS feed of this blog is located at

7. Use IP Address to Decimal Conversion: If you cannot access blocked websites, you can enter the decimal equivalent of the URL's IP address to get access to restricted websites. Search Google for IP to Decimal + IP Address of the banned website and Google will convert it into decimal. Enter that into your browser's address bar and see if the blocked website opens.

8. Create a 2 layered Unblocker: Just go to Google Translate or Yahoo! Babelfish, open any proxy website inside it and then use that proxy website to access your blocked website. In this way, you can achieve two layered website unblocking.

9. TOR: TOR or The Onion Router is a free software that protects the privacy and security of its users by channeling data through multiple nodes so as to prevent the orginal data from being unscrambled. Although browsing through TOR is a bit slow, it is one of the most effective ways of bypassing restricted websites.

10. To unblock blocked websites, just add to their URL. For example, if this blog ( is blocked, you can visit it by going to

11. Opera Mini Simulator: Opera offers a web based version of Opera Mini to allow users to get an experience of what it is like. You can use this demo version to access most websites that offer their mobile versions. Even websites that do not offer a mobile version can be viewed through this, although the quality of the results obtained may not be that good.

12. Changing DNS servers: A common way of blocking websites is preventing DNS servers from giving the locations of the blocked website's servers. In such a scenario, changing your DNS servers to OpenDNS's or Google's DNS will be your best option to get over the block. As an additional advantage, this will also increase your internet speed.

13. VPN Software: VPN or Virtual Private Network Software can be described as a tunnel under the public network that offers more anonymity than proxy websites as it also encrypts the data transferred by the blocked website thus, offering complete anonymity when you access your favorite web applications. Although most VPN software are available as paid software only, HotSpotShield is a popular free alternative.

14. IP Hiding Software: Sometimes, websites block users on a particular IP address from visiting themselves. In such cases, free IP hiding software like UltraSurf can be used to visit them. While free software offer very less features as compared to paid ones, they are still effective for overcoming most common blocks.

15. Edit your host files: Some malware and blocking software edit your host files and add a website's address to prevent you from visiting that website. In such a scenario, you can edit your host file with Notepad by visiting “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc” if C is your system drive and remove that website. In Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, a warning from UAC might be displayed while editing your host files.

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How to Secure a Wireless Wi-Fi Network

How to Secure a Wireless Wi-Fi Network

With the world going wireless in every sphere of technology, the question of security has often been raised. The same is true for wireless internet networks or Wi-Fi networks with hackers and Wi-Fi intruders always looking for ways to gain access to unsecured networks. There are several reasons why you might want to protect your Wi-Fi network.

Secure a Wireless Wi-Fi Network

Prominent among them include better privacy, reduced internet bills and faster internet speeds.This post contains few simple techniques you can use to make sure that your wireless network is as secure as it possible can be.

Protect your Wireless Internet Network

1) Encrypt your Wi-Fi Network: When you use a Wi-Fi network for accessing the internet, every piece of data you send and receive over the air can be easily snooped by anyone with the right set of tools. Packet sniffers can be used by even the most novice of users to sniff your data. This means that a hacker can not only see which websites are you accessing but also get the login details of your personal and professional accounts.

Encryption basically involves scrambling the data that is transmitted and received by you while using a wireless network. This means that even if a hacker intercepts your data transmission, (s)he will not be able to exploit the information contained within it.
Protect WiFi Internet Network
There are two encryption standards available that you can use: WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wireless Protected Access). WEP is the older standard of encryption and can now be bypassed in a matter of minutes. WPA is relatively newer but it still has security holes. AirCrack and coWPAtty are two free tools that allow anyone to easily crack WEP and WPA encryption using bruteforce technique. WPA2 is the latest standard and is what you must use if you want the highest level of protection for your wireless network. The encryption keys used change each time a device accesses the network making WPA more difficult to hack.

The encryption used by all devices in the network must be the same for the network to work properly. Your network will only be as secure as its least secure device. Make sure all devices you use support WPA2 encryption. Use a strong encryption key. Make sure that it is longer than 10 characters and contains a mixture of capital and small letters, numbers and symbols. Do not use common words and stuff that people can guess about you as your password.

2) Replace default passwords on your router with strong passwords: The biggest mistake most wireless internet users make is not changing default passwords on their routers. Hackers utilize public databases that contain default passwords and usernames from virtually every manufacturer. This enables them to change the security settings of your router according to their needs. Using a strong password for your router ensures that hackers and miscreants cannot change your network's security settings. To change the password on your router, visit Administration settings on your router's settings page. Also, do not store passwords in browsers as they can be easily made visible.

3) Change default SSID
Your network's SSID or Service Set Identifier is the name of your wireless network. Usually, the SSID is the name of the router's manufacturer along with the model number of the router. Changing it to not display this information prevents you from giving additional information about your router to prospective hackers.

4) Do not broadcast your SSID
Hiding SSID prevents unsophisticated and inexperienced hackers and wifi intruders from determining that your network exists. Hiding your SSID is relatively easy and the option to do so is usually under basic wireless settings on your router's settings page. However, it is important to note that some devices, including those running newer versions of Windows, will show every network even if they cannot identify its name. Moreover, your network will still contain the SSID in data packets making unmasking ridiculously easy with tools like inSSIDer, Kismet and Commview for WiFi.

5) Use scary names to discourage Wi-Fi theft: If your wireless network has a name like C:\virus.exe, most people who might otherwise access your network will not for the fear of getting their devices infected. You can use your creativity to find more dangerous names for your wireless network.

6) See Connected Devices List: Almost every new router will have a page which displays the list of every device that is connected to the network. You should check this page at regular intervals to see that unknown devices are not leeching your network. When you see an unknown device, you can be certain that someone has breached your network. You can try AirSnare, a free utility which scans your network for unexpected MAC addresses and also looks into DHCP requests.
Secure Wireless Network
7) Turn off Guest networking: While most routers will have guest networking disabled by default, it always pays to see that you may not have accidentally enabled it. Guest networking allows others to access your network.

8) Enable MAC address based filtering: Media Access Control or MAC address identifies each device connected to your network. MAC address is an alphanumeric key separated by colons. Enabling MAC address based filtering allows only devices having particular MAC addresses to access your network. You need to enter the MAC address of every device you wish to allow to connect to your network on your router's settings page. This prevents unknown devices from connecting to your network even if they know your password. To find the MAC address of your computer, open command prompt and execute “ipconfig /all” without quotes.

While it may prevent inexperienced users from getting access to your network, experienced hackers and advanced users can use a wireless network analyzer like Nmap and then change the MAC address of his computer with another free tool MAC Shift.

9) Keep your firmware up to date: Router vendors regularly release firmware updates and post them on their websites. You should occasionally check the manufacturer's website to see if a new firmware update has been released. Newer routers will automatically inform you when new firmware is available.

10) Reduce wireless signal range: If you reduce the range of your wireless network, common sense tells that it will prevent hackers located at a distance from detecting your network. This has the advantage that if hackers do not know that a wireless network exists, they will not try to break into it. You can place your router at places which would block the Wi-Fi signals. While this technique is advantageous, a hacker keen on hacking into your network will just have to use a larger antenna to pick up your router's signals. Moreover, reducing the range of your wireless network might cause troubles for genuine users.

11) When not using your internet network, turn it off: This is self explanatory. If you are not using your network, turning it off saves you from giving extra time to hackers to try and hack into your wireless network. While it may be impractical to turn every device on your network off every time you are not using the network, it still is advisable to do so during extended periods of non use.

If you follow all these techniques, your Wi-Fi network will be a lot more protected and hackers will have a tough time breaking into it.
How to Backup and Restore your "IMEI/NVRAM" by using MTKdroidTools

How to Backup and Restore your "IMEI/NVRAM" by using MTKdroidTools

These are the instructions to backup and restore IMEI NVRAM data on your Android Device using MTK Droid Tools.


Backup IMEI NVRAM Data

Step 1: Download and install Android ADB Driver on your computer.

Step 2: Now, enable USB Debugging on your Android Device. To enable USB debugging: Open Settings > About Phone > Built Number (Tap on it for 5-8 times).
Now, Again go to the Settings > Developer Option > USB Debugging > Tick to Enable.

Step 3: Now, connect your Android Device to the computer.

Step 4: Download and extract MTK Droid Tools on your computer.

Step 5: Now, Open MTKDroidTools.exe on your computer and wait till it loads your android device information.

Step 6: Now, in MTK Droid Tools, Click on the Root button to get root permission on your android device.

Step 7: Now, Click on IMEI/NVRAM button.

Step 8: Now, you will be able to see a popup window, in that click on the Backup button.

Step 9: Now, MTK Droid Tools will backup your IMEI/NVRAM database to the BackupNVRAM folder (exist in the MTKdroidTool folder.

Restore IMEI NVRAM Data

Step 1: Enable USB Debugging on your Android Device. To enable USB debugging: Open Settings > About Phone > Built Number (Tap on it for 5-8 times).
Now, Again go to the Settings > Developer Option > USB Debugging > Tick to Enable.

Step 2: Connect your Android Device to the computer.

Step 3: Open MTKDroidTools.exe on your computer and wait till it loads your android device information.

Step 4: Now, in MTK Droid Tools, Click on the Root button to get root permission on your android device.

Step 5: Now, Click on IMEI/NVRAM button. Step 6: Now, click on the Restore button then it will ask you for a .tar or .bin file.

Step 7: Locate the data from BackupNVRAM folder and your IMEI NVRAM data will be restored instantly.
Keep in Mind:
[*] Know your IMEI: You can know the IMEI number of your device by dialing: *#06# 
[*] Rooting your device with the MTK Droid Tools may void your device warranty. So, be careful about what your are doing.
[*] Flashing IMEI other than the original, is illegal so be careful.
How To Hide Files In Android Phone Without Using Any App

How To Hide Files In Android Phone Without Using Any App

Its Is Little Bit Obvious That Every One Do Have Some Files , images , Songs Or videos That They Dont Want To Share It With Anyone And Wants To Keep Secure And Private So This Post is Specially For Those.

As The Tittle is Hide Files on Android Without Using Any App Then many Of You Will Think That Why To Do Hide Files Manually On Android When Many Software Are Available To Do The Same Thing !!! Yes The question Is 100% Right But The Apps To Hide Files Are Not As Worthy As We Think Because Any One Can Uninstall The App And After Uninstalling the Files Will Be Again Visible To All So App Used To Hide Files On android Are Not Good And Also Are Not Trustworthy Too.

Android Locker

So today We Will Tell you How To Hide Files images videos songs In Android Phone Without Using Any App Software . The Good Thing About This Guide is 100 % Personally Performed By Me And It Always Worked Like Charm So No Need To Worry While Hiding Files On Android Without Using Any App.

How To Hide Files in Android Using no App And non Rooted Users

  • Go to Your File Explorer
  • Open The File Explorer And Go to the Folder Where The File You Want to Hide Is Placed
  • Here We Are Going To Hide Video
  • Select The Video
  • After Selecting the Video Click On More
  • After Clicking On More You Will Get A Option To Rename The File , Click On That

So You Have To Do is Rename The Format Of The Video Image Song to Any Name You Want For Instance Assume The Name Of The File To Be yourname.Mp3 Now Change The Format Which Is MP3 To Any Name You Want I Choose My Name So Now The File Will Be Now The Format Is Changed So File Will Become Unresponsive Which Means The File Will Be Hidden.

We Also Changed The Name And You Can See That The Video Is Now Unresponsive.

We Changed the Format To xyz And Now The Video Is Hidden From every one Without Using Any Software.

In Case If You Want to Use The File Again Then Change Back The Format To Original Format With the Same Above Procedure.

You Can Hide any file By Following This Guide Without Using Any Software.

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How to Run Android Games and Applications on PC

How to Run Android Games and Applications on PC

Android is by far the best mobile operating system as it comes with a lot of amazing games and applications. Sometimes, we want to play that games on our PC but some of these apps and games which are available at Google Play Market are not available for Windows and Mac operating systems. So, what should one do??
Today, in this tutorial we are going to tell you how you can Run Android games and applications on PC. All you will need is a software which is known as Bluestacks.

Run Android Games and Applications on PC

Bluestacks in an Android emulator which will help us to Run Android games and applications on PC. You can have the perfect Android experience on your Windows and Mac Operating system using Bluestacks.

How to Install Bluestacks

Step 1: First of all you need to download Bluestacks. Click Here to download Bluestacks for your Windows or Mac Operating systems.

Step 2: Once downloaded, install it using the executable file. You will see a couple of steps in the installation wizard. Follow these steps and installation will be continued.

Once the installation is done, Bluestacks icon will be available on your desktop.

Run Android games and applications on PC

Once you have downloaded and installed Bluestacks, the next thing you need to do is open Bluestacks and follow the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: When you will run the Bluestacks for the first time you will be asked to insert your Google Account details. Insert the Google Account details so that, that account can be synced with Google Play market.

Step 2: Once your account is synced you are ready to go. Open the home of Bluestacks by clicking on Bluestacks icon and you will see a search field there. Type and name of app or game there.

Let me explain you this with the help of an example:- In the Search field enter "WhatsApp" (without quotes). You will see WhatsApp on the homepage and will also see an Install Button present there. Click on Install button and the app will start downloading. The download time will take depending on your internet speed.

Step 3: Now open the app. When you will open the app for the first time you will be asked to enter your mobile number. Provide correct mobile number as this number will get a verification code which will be used to authenticate your Whatsapp account. Now you have verified the account you can easily use Whatsapp from your computer.
If you want to see which applications are installed on your system, you can open the "My Apps" area and see all the apps which are present on your system. Open the "Top Charts" section to see the apps which are being most downloaded by people on the Google Play market. You can even sync apps from your PC to your Android smartphone or from your Android smartphone to your PC using Cloud Connect.
So this was our guide on How to Run Android Games and Applications on Computer or Laptop , I hope the methods given above helped you in running Android Games and Applications.

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How to Extend your Smartphone Battery Life

How to Extend your Smartphone Battery Life

Realizing the multi-functionalities of the Smartphone which let users to play games, snap photographs, access internet, stream videos and many more; it is no wonder that battery life has been a major concern and one of the most ordinary complaints for the mobile user at all times.

How to Increase Android Battery Life

An unsatisfactory situation mostly faced is the low battery notification whilst one needs to send an important email or a phone call resulting in a trip to walk with an adapter or searching for an outlet to recharge. But, battery life can effectively be managed and extended by combating the prevalent causes of phone's battery life consumption.

Disable Notifications and Fetch Emails

Smartphones have provided user with great comfort of delivering the whole lot without delay as they occur. Being constantly connected to the internet, we are continually updated by the notification of email, news alerts, the weather, tweets, add-ons for applications etc. This is a great power sucker as every incoming notification will lit the screen or chime or vibrate. Similarly, fetch emails will look for new emails on server in every few minutes, which also gulp the battery juice.
To keep the phone lasting very long in the hands, adjustment of the email fetching intervals and notifications is required. Changing the email notifications to manual can save the battery power. Turning off the superfluous and non-essential notification such as instant game alerts can make a huge difference in the battery drain.

Control Shaking Of The Phone By Turning Vibration Mode Off

Vibration mode is good enough for notifying about incoming calls or messages during meetings, class, hospitals or other places where it's essential to keep the phone on silent respectively. However, vibration uses additional power the ringtones. This is because the sound produced by ringtones only pulse the speaker membrane whereas shaking the whole phone on vibration mode sucks the battery to its maximum.
Lessen the vibration mode extend battery timings. However, in such places where it doesn't matter whether to keep phone on vibration or general mode, it is good choice to turn the phone out of vibration mode or trim down the magnitude of the vibrations if the users wants to keep their Smartphone on for long.

Easy On Screen Brightness

The phone battery cannot be used for so long until the brightness have not set to dim. This factor affects the battery life significantly. Dimming the screens will dramatically diminish the Smartphone's power consumption since screen is frequently activated whenever the phone is used. The lower the healthier for the phone's battery. Auto-brightness setting is a favorable choice in order to adjust the brightness to its optimal level for reading while saving the battery life.

Cut Down Screen Timeout

Another significant setting to glance at is the screen timeout. Screen timeout actually decides that after how long the phone's screen will go to sleep as soon as one ended interacting with it. Lesser timeframe is better for the battery life. User should also make a habit to lock the phone after using so that it cannot glow for long.

Stop Draining Phone, Turn Off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G When Not In Use

GPS, Bluetooth, WI-FI, are some of the biggest battery murderers on cell phones, because they are continuously hunting for possible connections, networks, or data and power is consumed in such searches for signals.
There is no point to let Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on when there is no need to be connected. To make a one tap process, many Smartphone users are provides with the service of widgets, which they can add to their home screen for Wi-Fi connectivity. Another practical attempt is to switch the phone on airplane mode, where there is no possibility to connect with any signal.

Rest Phone In High Connectivity Zone And Mostly On Wi-Fi Networks

The power is drained constantly whenever the Smartphone makes an attempt to search signals. If placed in the poor reception area, the phone will continue to scan for signals to attain good connections. This effort makes the battery level drop a notch. Keeping the phone in good reception area will cut down the effort of constantly seeking for a connection and frequent switching from one signal to the other, resulting in maximizing the battery life.
Having Wi-Fi on kills the battery when not in use. But cellular data connection, 3G or 4G is less power- efficient than Wi-Fi networks comparatively.
Therefore, it is a good idea to switch to Wi-Fi instead of data connections when Wi-Fi connections are available. Besides, the Wi-Fi should also be turned off when neither Wi-Fi network is accessible.

Kill The Apps

The concurrent operations of the Smartphone are one of the main causes of rapid battery drainage. Various applications are left open after using, when it is no more needed. As often as possible, the applications should be closed when it is not being used because not doing so will burn a lot of energy and will leave the battery at half-bar very soon. Some applications can be kicked in the phone to manage the applications while conserving the battery.

Turning On The Power Saver Mode Can Save The Juice

Smartphones are equipped with power saver modes which can automatically avoid apps from updating in the background, disables vibrancy, faint the screen and reduces the screen timeout settings. It manages the phone's power consuming features. Hence, the longer Smartphone's battery will last if the power saver mode in turned on as soon as possible.

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How to Locate Your Android Phone or Tablet Using Google

How to Locate Your Android Phone or Tablet Using Google

If you've lost a device, you can use Android Device Manager to find its approximate location on a map and when it was last used. When Android Device Manager locates your device, that device will get a notification.

find my phone

This guide will tell you how to Configure your Android Device for locating, Locate your Android Device on Google maps, Lock your Android Device, Reset the PIN on your Android Device.

Locate a lost device using Android Device Manager

Turn Android Device Manager on or off

Switch Android Device Manager on or off

Before you can use Android Device Manager, you need to make sure it's turned on and that your device is associated with your Google Account. If you have a tablet with more than one user, only the tablet owner can control this setting.

  1. Find "Google Settings" in one of these places (depending on your device):
    • Open a separate app called Google Settings
    • In your main Settings app, scroll down and tap Google
  2. Tap Security.
  3. Under "Android Device Manager," switch Remotely locate this device and Allow remote lock and erase on or off.

Make sure location access is on

To use Android Device Manager, you have to have location access turned on. If you’ve turned it off, here’s how to turn it back on:

  • Open your device's Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap Location.
  • At the top, tap Off to switch to On.

Check that Android Device Manager can locate your device

Use the Android Device Manager website

  • Sign in to your Google Account on
  • If you have more than one device, click the arrow next to the device name to select a different device.
  • Android Device Manager will show you the approximate location of the device selected.

Use the Android Device Manager app

If you have another mobile device, you can use the Android Device Manager app to locate your lost device. You need to have the Android Device Manager app installed on the device that you plan to use.

  1. On the device that you have with you, open the Android Device Manager app .
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Change the device displayed:
    • On your phone: Swipe along the bottom of the screen to see your devices.
    • On your tablet: Touch the arrow next to the device to select a device.
  4. Android Device Manager will show you the approximate location of the device selected.
Note: Make sure you sign into your Google Account on your device if you want to use Android Device Manager.

Google Maps Location History

Google maps is the second easy way to know the location of your Android phone quickly. Through Google maps location history, you can track you phone and knows its location. Using this way, you can easily find you android device. Even if the location is not accurate, you will come to know as where your device possibly can be.

There are few things which needs to be done before you can use this method :

  • Device must be connected to the Google Account.
  • Internet access must be present in the lost/stolen device.
  • Location reporting and history features must be enabled in Google app settings on your device.

If you satisfy the above criteria then you can Google maps location history. It’s not actually used for tracking down your mobile but its used to locate your lost phone as well as to see the previous locations of your android device.

Follow the steps below to use it :

  • Visit Google Maps Location History.
  • Click on today’s date.
  • Click “Show timestamps” just below the calendar.
  • Now you will be able to see different locations where device was registered.
  • To see the last available location, you need to click on the latest timestamps.

Now using timestamps, you can check out the places where you phone appeared more than 2-3 times. You can easily track your mobile if you are smart or let the authorities do for you.

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Android Touch Screen Not Working Problem [Fix]

Android Touch Screen Not Working Problem [Fix]

Touchscreen devices are becoming necessity nowadays and they are continuously replacing physical keypads/keyboards on Laptops, Cell-phones, Car-stereo and on many other things. Android OS ranks #1 and it comprises of 80% of touchscreen devices sold in global market.

Android Touch Screen Not Working

Android is designed to be user-friendly and versatile operating system for mobile devices, however sometime it tends to be unstable. Many users are reporting issues of touchscreen not working, being unresponsive and so on. Don't worry, there's a fix for that!

Android Touch Screen Not Working Problem Fix

Follow the steps mentioned below until your problem is sorted.

Restart Your Android Device

It works 80% of the time. Screen locking/managing applications often make touchscreen unresponsive. In that case you need to restart your Android device. How can I reboot my tablet, the touchscreen is not working.. Good question!

  • Grab your Android tablet/phone
  • Press and hold the Power Button for 10 seconds or until the screen goes blank.
  • Wait a minute or two and then power on your device normally using the same button.

Eject Memory Card and Sim

Shutdown your Android device and remove the Memory card and Sim(s) attached to it. Also, remove the battery for few seconds if possible.

Remove Any Cases

Smart cases are good in protecting your device from scratches and damage. But their automatic screen wake/sleep feature sometime cause the device to malfunction. Remove the case, perform a restart.

Hard Reset your Android

For advanced users. If everything else doesn't work, try doing a hard reset on your phone. This will wipe your phone/tablet and return it to its original condition. This usually involves holding down Volume-Up and Volume-Down button together and then pressing Power Button (every phone has different method). It starts your device in Recovery mode, you can do a Wipe-Factory-Reset from there. Use volume up/down buttons to navigate and press Power button to select. Be careful and don't mess with other options or you may brick your phone.

Knocking the Touchscreen (Not recommended)

Remove the Screen Protector on your Android device if present. Now, gently knock every corner of your touchscreen to realign it. Sometimes continuous phone drops cause screen digitizer cable to loses its connection to device motherboard however, its a rare case.

If you are still unable to make touchscreen work maybe its time to claim warranty, Its a lengthy process but works.
How to Reset your Android Password Without Losing data

How to Reset your Android Password Without Losing data

Do you want to Reset your Android Password Without Losing data? if yes, then you are at right place. Today we are here with a guide in which we will tell you the easiest and the safety way to Reset your Android Password Without Losing data.

Reset your Android Password

  • Rooted android
  • Any custom recovery flashed {TWRP,CWM,CTR}
  • Aroma file manager
  • little bit brain

Reset your Android Password Without Losing data

  1. first of all download this zip file aroma in your SD card
  2. once you have downloaded the aroma zip go to your recovery. for going to the recovery manually just power off your phone >and the next step vary different for different devices press the volume up button simultaneously or all the three button power,volume up,down simultaneously.
  3. then after coming to your recovery go on install zip and and installed your aroma zip that you just downloaded and palced in your SD card.
  4. now after installing the zip you will have an interface as shown in the screen short .after that you can use your volume down and volume up buttons to scroll up.and down.
  5. now the main part comes scroll down and select menu option by your power button.
  6. After selecting the menu option it will provide you another interface in which you need to select the setting option.
  7. After selecting the setting option you will again come to a new interface in that you need to scroll down at the last you able to see an other option Mount config in the mount config select the Automount All device on start after selecting automount click on done and again restart your aroma manager as toughed in the step 3.4
  8. coming again over the aroma interface go to data folder >then system folder and in the system folder you will find a file named gesture.key or password.key
  9. select that .key file by long pressing over that file and delete it and save changes and exit from the aroma file manager
  10. reboot your android and that’s all once the device is will show you pattern screen dont worry its you can enter any patter password it will accepted any input you provide, as well you can chose new passowrd too. Thus you can access your android contant without lossing any data

So this was our guide on Reset your Android Password Without Losing data, I hope the methods given above helped you.
How To Use Multiple Accounts On Facebook Messenger

How To Use Multiple Accounts On Facebook Messenger

Do you want to Use Multiple Accounts On Facebook Messenger ? Don't worry I will tell you How to access Multiple Accounts On Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

Recently Facebook made the announcement that you can use multiple accounts of Facebook through Messenger. Means you don’t need to perform logging in and out each time in order to access Facebook of other user. So, it is now possible to use multiple Facebook account on a single device.

How to access multiple Facebook accounts on Messenger

  • Download and install Facebook Messenger app
  • Log in one account & open Messenger
  • Select Profile or Setting from Messenger
Profile or Setting from Messenger
  • Go to Accounts
  • Add accounts [Go for the Accounts option and from its right, click on + (add) icon]
Add accounts
  • Sign in to another account
Sign in to another account
  • Once you are done, tap on Add

So this was our guide on How To Use Multiple Accounts On Facebook Messenger, I hope the methods given above helped you in running Multiple Accounts On Facebook Messenger.