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How To Send Receive Money Using WhatsApp

How To Send Receive Money Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp Payments feature which is based on UPI has started rolling out in India which will mean that you will be able to send money to your friends and family right from WhatsApp. The most widely used messaging service across globe, started rolling out the UPI-based Payments feature in India to select users last week.

Send and Received Payment Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s payment feature is based on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) platform. The official roll-out for general public is expected to be announced very soon. But if you don’t wish to wait for that long, there’s already a workaround to get the WhatsApp UPI payment feature right away.

So, if one of your friends who already has received the UPI update on their WhatsApp, you can ask them to invite you to seed the feature.

whatsapp payment guide

Note that the feature is only available to the mobile version of the application and not on WhatsApp Web. Also, the payment interface supports UPI services from all major banks. Mobile Number must be register with Bank.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on what you have to do to enable WhatsApp UPI feature on your phone:

Setup WhatsApp UPI Payments

  • Firstly install or Update latest version WhatsApp 
  • Open WhatsApp > Head to Settings 
  • Payments to start setting up the Payments option.
  • On tapping the option, users will be welcomed by a new message saying "Send and receive money securely with UPI" and users need to tap on "Accept and Continue" to start accepting the WhatsApp Payments.
  • Users then will have to verify their phone numbers by choosing "Verify via SMS". It's worth noting that the SMS charges will be applicable.
  • Now Link your Bank account which is linked to your WhatsApp Registered number. Also Set MPIN or UPI Pin using your Bank ATM/Debit Card. (Enter Last 6 Digits and Expiry date of your Debit Card and select MPIN).
  • It will also ask to Create your New UPI, just select any Username for UPI and create it.
  • Done. That's all.

Send Received Money using WhatsApp UPI Payments

Now, how to send money to a friend using Payments feature on WhatsApp. To start sending money, tap on menu in any chat to access Payment option apart from other options like send photo, video, file, contact, or location.

send money to a friend using Payments feature on WhatsApp

  • Users who already have the feature need to go to their friend’s profile on WhatsApp or Choose a WhatsApp contact you want to send your payment.
  • Once there, they simply need to tap the attachment (paper clip-shaped) button.
  • This will prompt them to see the payment option. They need to tap the payment option.
  • Enter amount > Enter the UPI Pin > Money sent.
  • Once the transaction is complete, WhatsApp also notifies the user about the money sent to a contact. You can also keep a track of Payments from within the app, by using the Payment history option in WhatsApp.
  • This will give them an error, saying that their friend doesn’t have WhatsApp UPI feature just yet. But in reality, they have just enabled the WhatsApp UPI feature for their friend.
  • Now, you can go to the settings section within the app where you will see the payment option yourself.
  • You can now invite your friends in a similar fashion.

So this was our guide on How To Send Received Payment Using WhatsApp, I hope the methods given above helped you in sending and receiving money on whatsapp.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

iPhone Tips and Tricks

Whether you are a new user or a seasoned user of Apple’s iPhone, you're most likely not making use of your smartphone to the absolute maximum. With these simple tips and tricks, you won’t learn everything about your iPhone, but you will definitely become a more proficient user.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

You can take a screenshot.
From saving content you view on your mobile browser to taking quick snaps of funny texts, taking a screenshot can be incredibly useful in a lot of ways. Taking a quick snap of whatever is on your iPhone’s display is super quick and easy; simply press the home key at the bottom of your phone at the same time as the button at the top of the device. Your screenshot will be saved to your camera roll.

Have Fun With Siri
If you add the address for people in your contact list and then ask Siri to take you to them, she will give you directions to their house. Telling Siri about your relations will cause her to ask to remember them. If you agree, she will remember. Then, whenever you ask her to name your relation, she will. e.g. Telling Siri that Rebecca is my sister will make her tell that Rebecca is your sister whenever you ask the question, "Who is my sister?"

Instant Scrolling
If you have scrolled down a really long web page, then just tap the bar on the top of your screen to immediately be taken to the top of it.

Automatic Backup
To automatically backup your iPhone on iCloud, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and turn on iCloud Backup. This will automatically backup your phone's critical data without the need to synchronize it again and again.

Caps Lock
To type in capital letters, just enable Caps Lock on your phone by double tapping the Shift arrow.

Extend Battery Life
If you feel that your iPhone's battery performance is below par, you can increase it by disabling 3G, Bluetooth and push notifications. Just go to Settings> General> Network to do this.

Use the Home Button
Pressing the Home button once will take you to your Main Screen. Pressing it twice will take you to Spotlight Search which you can use to search everything on your phone.

Control what appears in Spotlight search
To control what appears in Spotlight search, go to Settings> General> Spotlight Search and select according to your needs.

Block Inappropriate Content
To do so, go to Settings> General> Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions. This will allow you to add a pass code and select which apps you want to make accessible.

Download Apps and Music on all your iProducts
If you have many Apple devices and don't want to download the same apps or music on them again and again, you can enable automatic downloads for apps, music and iBooks by going to Settings> Store.

Send Read Receipts in iMessage
You can let others know when you have read their text messages by enabling "Send Receipts" from Settings> Messages.

Close Programs Running in the Background
Just double tap the Home Button, then hold your finger down on the app you would like to close. Then, once it starts shaking, tap the red minus icon to close. This will be of huge help if you find that your phone is running slowly.

You can be a master of autocorrect.
If you are typing a note or an e-mail, you may have had some issues with the iPhone’s autocorrect or autocomplete features. Sometimes the results from this feature are helpful and right on, but other times they are anything but helpful. If you pay attention when you type, you don’t have to be at the mercy of your iPhone. A little textbox will pop up and recommend a spelling or a completed word; to accept it press the space key. If you don’t want to accept the word, tap the tiny “x” that appears next to it. This can help you avoid some faux pas when texting.

Create your own dictionary.
Speaking of autocorrect and autocomplete, you can create your own dictionary. When you enter a custom dictionary, your phone will autocorrect and autocomplete the things you type by inserting words you actually use. To do this, go to “Settings” and then “General.” In this menu, scroll down to the shortcuts area and tap “Add New Shortcut.” Not only will this let you enter in custom dictionary words, but you can also enter in shortcuts so that your abbreviations will end up inputting complete words in texts and emails.

Have custom ring tones for less money.
Your iPhone comes with many ringtones and message tones, but these are the same sounds that millions of other iPhone users are utilizing. If you want something unique, you may be tempted to shell out big bucks for custom ring tones. If you like to assign special ringtones to certain people or groups, this may cost you a lot. So, in order to get ringtones without breaking the bank (and taking away your app budget), you should look at applications that allow you to make ringtones out of songs you already have on your phone. Some of these cost money and should only be bought if you want to create a lot of ringtones. If you are only looking to turn out a couple of tones, you can even get a free version of these popular apps.

Block your number from other people’s caller ID.
Blocking your number can be helpful for any number of reasons. Maybe you don’t want an ex that you need to call to have your new number, or possibly you are using your personal number for business, but you don’t want professional contacts to have your personal digits. You can block your number easily from the “Settings” menu. There, you should go to the “phone” area and select the “Show My Caller ID” option; there you need to slide over to “no.” To switch it back on, follow the same steps and slide over to “yes.”

Multitask like nobodies’ business.
One of the reasons many preferred Android to the iPhone was because it offered better multitasking. As the iOS developed, multitasking has improved. When you need to quickly switch from one app to another, you simply have to press the home button to leave an app. Then double click the home key again to reveal your most recently used apps at the bottom of the screen. A quick swipe of the finger will allow you to flick through all recently used applications, allowing you to quickly hop from one application to another; thus making you more productive.
Dream11 App Get RS 100 Bonus and Refer and Get RS 100 (Updated)

Dream11 App Get RS 100 Bonus and Refer and Get RS 100 (Updated)

Hey readers here is one another way to earn free money. This time, you can earn real cash from Dream11 fantasy cricket and can transfer to your bank account also. Today in this post I am going to share with another big loot trick through which You can get Rs.100 as a joining amount & also refer & earn Rs.100.

dream11 Signup Refer Earn Cash Bonus

Dream11 Is One Of The Most Trusted Fantasy Cricket Site Over The Internet. Dream11 app which is a legal cricket betting app in which you can earn hundreds of money by just betting cricket matches. Dream11 is a company which has a legal license to held cricket betting. This website is completely a genuine & 100% safe to earn to real cash.

Update : Refer & Earn amount is reduced to Rs.100. You will get Rs.40 on Mobile verification, Rs.20 on email verification & Rs.40 on App Download.

How to Get Rs.100 Sign Up Bonus in Dream11

  • First of all, You need to Visit Dream11 website :- Click Here
  • After that, Download & Install the app in your device
  • Then Signup using your details
  • Now Just click on “Invited by a friend?” option (See below image)
dream11 cash bonus invited promo code
  • Use referral code : ARIJI1510JK
  • Once you complete the registration process, Must verify your email id & Mobile Number (To get Rs.100)
  • Done.
  • You can not transfer this amount to your Bank account but You can use it to play a league
  • You will get 100 Points to Buy a players, select captain & Vice captain using your credits
  • Join league, Play & Win real money
  • Once you win any league, You can redeem your earnings directly in Bank Account.

How to redeem your earnings directly in Bank Account in Dream11

You Needed verify your Pancard & Bank Account, After you can Withdraw your earning to bank.
NOTE – Minimum Payout Is Rs 200 Only.

How to verify your Pancard in Dream11

  • To verify that, Just click on “Verify Now” option from top right hand side
  • Then Click on PAN Tab
  • After completing the above process
  • Done

How to verify your Bank account in Dream11

  • To verify that, Just click on “Verify Now” option from top right hand side
  • Then Click on Bank Tab
  • After completing the above process
  • Done

How To Refer Friends in Dream11

1. Firstly, Go to Refer Friends Section.
2. Copy Your Referal Code Or Link & Share With Friends.
3. When Your Friends Joins & Take Part In Leagues, You Will Get Bonus Of the Equal Amount.

How To Play:–

1. We All Know Cash Bonus Of Dream 11 Can’t Be Redeemed.
2. So Just Make A Team In Dream 11 By Selecting Any Match.
3. Then Join Leagues Leagues By Using Your Cash Bonus.
4. If Your Team Play Well You Will Win Amount Of Prize Given Mention Their.
5. Then You Can Redeem All Your Winnings Into Your Bank Account.

So this was our guide on How to unlimited real cash from Dream 11, I hope the methods given above helped you.

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How To Check Your Own Mobile number

How To Check Your Own Mobile number

Do you own a Dual SIM mobile phone? and remembering the number of Secondary SIM is difficult or are you on a recharge shop and don't have a single rupee to anyhow check your number then you are at right place.

Check Your Own Mobile number

Today we will tell you about How to check your own Mobile Number by simply just dialing a code.

Table of Contents:

  • Method 1 – Check your Own Mobile Number from mobile settings
  • Method 2- Check your own mobile number using USSD Codes ~ Only for Indian Mobile users

Check your Own Mobile Number from mobile settings

For this you would need to have registered SIM card in your mobile phone and the number which you are in search that number’s SIM card must be in your device. Then only you will get your SIM number.

For iPhone

  • Open  Settings 
  • Scroll down and open Phone option.
  • The very first box will display you your number. As you can see in the above picture.

For Android Phone’s

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down at bottom and select About device.
  • Now, select Status.
  • Go to SIM card status.
  • There you will find your phone number.

For Windows Phones

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Tap on the three dot icon in the bottom corner.
  • Now select Settings.
  • In the first box of the page your number will appear.

Check your own mobile number using USSD Codes

This is guide is not basically a trick, the USSD codes are legal and provided by the Network providers themselves, The main moto behind creating this post is to help users who Don't remember their mobile numbers. So all you need to do is just save the USSD Code in your contacts list and use whenever you want to check your Mobile number.

How to Check My Own Mobile number in Tata Docomo, Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Uninor, Reliance, MTNL, Videocon, Bsnl for free By Dialing A Code Number

As the Codes are different for Every state so try each and every code and see which one works for you . For example For me in West Bengal(INDIA) IDEA responded by Dialing *1#.

Okay Now lets Start with the guide

How to check My mobile number in Airtel

To Know your own airtel number dial the codes given below

*121*9# | *282# | *140*1600# | *140*175# | *141*123# | *400*2*1*10#

The *121*9# code is Personally tested by me, As i already said that every State has different USSD code so please check which one works for You.

How to check My mobile number in Idea

To Check your own idea Mobile number dial below ussd Codes

*789# | *147*8*2# | *147*1*3# | *147*2*4# | *100# | *131*1# | *125*9# | *147# | *131# | *1# | *616*6#

The *1# code is personally tested by me, You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in Reliance

To Check your own reliance mobile number dial below ussd Codes

*111# | *1#

The *1# code is personally tested by me, You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in Vodafone

To Know your own vodafone mobile number dial the codes given below

*111*2# | *555# | *555*0# | *777*0# | *131*0#

You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in BSNL

To Check your own BSNL mobile number dial below ussd Codes

*1# | *99# | *222#

You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in Aircel

To Know your own aircel mobile number dial below ussd Codes

*234*4# | *122*131# | *131# | *1# | *888#

You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in TATA DOCOMO

To Know your own tata Docomo mobile number dial the codes given below

*580# | *1# | *124# | *888#

You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in Videocon

To Know your own Videocon mobile number dial the codes given below


You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in Uninor

To Know your own Uninor mobile number dial the codes given below

*555# | *1#

You can use any of the above code to check.

How to check My mobile number in MTNL

To Know your own MTNL mobile number dial the codes given below


You can use any of the above code to check.
These are the most used mobile networks in India, if you know any other network Then please let us know we will update the guide with that.
So this was our guide on How to check my own mobile number in TataDocomo, Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Uninor, Reliance, MTNL, Videocon, Bsnl for free By Dialling A Code Number.
How to Extend your Smartphone Battery Life

How to Extend your Smartphone Battery Life

Realizing the multi-functionalities of the Smartphone which let users to play games, snap photographs, access internet, stream videos and many more; it is no wonder that battery life has been a major concern and one of the most ordinary complaints for the mobile user at all times.

How to Increase Android Battery Life

An unsatisfactory situation mostly faced is the low battery notification whilst one needs to send an important email or a phone call resulting in a trip to walk with an adapter or searching for an outlet to recharge. But, battery life can effectively be managed and extended by combating the prevalent causes of phone's battery life consumption.

Disable Notifications and Fetch Emails

Smartphones have provided user with great comfort of delivering the whole lot without delay as they occur. Being constantly connected to the internet, we are continually updated by the notification of email, news alerts, the weather, tweets, add-ons for applications etc. This is a great power sucker as every incoming notification will lit the screen or chime or vibrate. Similarly, fetch emails will look for new emails on server in every few minutes, which also gulp the battery juice.
To keep the phone lasting very long in the hands, adjustment of the email fetching intervals and notifications is required. Changing the email notifications to manual can save the battery power. Turning off the superfluous and non-essential notification such as instant game alerts can make a huge difference in the battery drain.

Control Shaking Of The Phone By Turning Vibration Mode Off

Vibration mode is good enough for notifying about incoming calls or messages during meetings, class, hospitals or other places where it's essential to keep the phone on silent respectively. However, vibration uses additional power the ringtones. This is because the sound produced by ringtones only pulse the speaker membrane whereas shaking the whole phone on vibration mode sucks the battery to its maximum.
Lessen the vibration mode extend battery timings. However, in such places where it doesn't matter whether to keep phone on vibration or general mode, it is good choice to turn the phone out of vibration mode or trim down the magnitude of the vibrations if the users wants to keep their Smartphone on for long.

Easy On Screen Brightness

The phone battery cannot be used for so long until the brightness have not set to dim. This factor affects the battery life significantly. Dimming the screens will dramatically diminish the Smartphone's power consumption since screen is frequently activated whenever the phone is used. The lower the healthier for the phone's battery. Auto-brightness setting is a favorable choice in order to adjust the brightness to its optimal level for reading while saving the battery life.

Cut Down Screen Timeout

Another significant setting to glance at is the screen timeout. Screen timeout actually decides that after how long the phone's screen will go to sleep as soon as one ended interacting with it. Lesser timeframe is better for the battery life. User should also make a habit to lock the phone after using so that it cannot glow for long.

Stop Draining Phone, Turn Off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G When Not In Use

GPS, Bluetooth, WI-FI, are some of the biggest battery murderers on cell phones, because they are continuously hunting for possible connections, networks, or data and power is consumed in such searches for signals.
There is no point to let Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on when there is no need to be connected. To make a one tap process, many Smartphone users are provides with the service of widgets, which they can add to their home screen for Wi-Fi connectivity. Another practical attempt is to switch the phone on airplane mode, where there is no possibility to connect with any signal.

Rest Phone In High Connectivity Zone And Mostly On Wi-Fi Networks

The power is drained constantly whenever the Smartphone makes an attempt to search signals. If placed in the poor reception area, the phone will continue to scan for signals to attain good connections. This effort makes the battery level drop a notch. Keeping the phone in good reception area will cut down the effort of constantly seeking for a connection and frequent switching from one signal to the other, resulting in maximizing the battery life.
Having Wi-Fi on kills the battery when not in use. But cellular data connection, 3G or 4G is less power- efficient than Wi-Fi networks comparatively.
Therefore, it is a good idea to switch to Wi-Fi instead of data connections when Wi-Fi connections are available. Besides, the Wi-Fi should also be turned off when neither Wi-Fi network is accessible.

Kill The Apps

The concurrent operations of the Smartphone are one of the main causes of rapid battery drainage. Various applications are left open after using, when it is no more needed. As often as possible, the applications should be closed when it is not being used because not doing so will burn a lot of energy and will leave the battery at half-bar very soon. Some applications can be kicked in the phone to manage the applications while conserving the battery.

Turning On The Power Saver Mode Can Save The Juice

Smartphones are equipped with power saver modes which can automatically avoid apps from updating in the background, disables vibrancy, faint the screen and reduces the screen timeout settings. It manages the phone's power consuming features. Hence, the longer Smartphone's battery will last if the power saver mode in turned on as soon as possible.

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PhonePe Refer and Earn Unlimited Money

PhonePe Refer and Earn Unlimited Money

Hi, Guys today we are informing about (PhonePe loot) the biggest loot from PhonePe app. PhonePe is a revolutionary way to make mobile payments in India. From UPI payments to recharges, money transfers to online bill payments, you can do it all on PhonePe. PhonePe is way better than Internet Banking and offers you the safest and fastest online payment experience in India.

PhonePe Loot Offers

PhonePe app is giving largest amount of cash back in this month. You can earn unlimited Money on a fresh new number and it is also based on referral programming. You can earn Rs 75 per UPI referrals( No limit). Guys hurry up to get the biggest offer by phone pe app. So let’s Start!!

How to Create PhonePe Account

1. Download PhonePe App From Here Download Here.
2. Enter Your Mobile Number. [Mobile Number that is linked to your Bank account]
3. Now Proceed With Entering M-Pin Email Etc.
4. Done.

How to Link Your Bank Account on PhonePe

1. Firstly open Menu from PhonePe app.
2. Click on Add bank account or Link Your Bank Account.
3. Please note that the number using which you register must be inserted in your phone. It will auto verify using SMS Verification Method.
4. Now Link your Bank account which is linked to your PhonePe Registered number. Also Set MPIN or UPI Pin using your Bank ATM/Debit Card. (Enter Last 6 Digits and Expiry date of your Debit Card and select MPIN).
5. It will also ask to Create your New UPI, just select any Username for UPI and create it.

How to Refer & Earn on PhonePe

  1. Firstly open Menu from PhonePe app
  2. There you will see ”Invite Friends” option, just click on that
  3. Finally there you will get your referral link, now share with your friends and earn upto Rs 75 per refer when your friend done his / her first send money transaction through UPI.
  4. You can check daily winners by visiting a link available only on app
Cash Back Offer available on :-
1. 1st Recharge via UPI transaction.
2. 1st UPI transaction.
3. 5th UPI transaction.
4. 1st bill pay via UPI transaction.
5. Much more cashback offers.
So this was our guide on How to Refer and Earn Free Money on PhonePe, I hope the methods given above helped you.
How To Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos From Gallery

How To Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos From Gallery

Whatsapp messenger is still popular and addicting app ever. Because of their latest features like calling, Chatting, File sharing, privacy options etc. Whatsapp messenger also reduce our cost of phone calling to our relatives and friends. With the help of Whatsapp we can also share our images with others and receive these images. But these images are shown with our regular images in Gallery.

Hide Whatsapp Media From Gallery

So these images confuse with our important images. Hence, If you want to hide whatsapp images from gallery, it is the only best solution. If you are also frustrated from these images while going to gallery. Then this article is really for you because in this article we are going to discuss about how to restrict these images from appearing in the phone Gallery.

How To Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery

For Android Phone Users

Step 1. Launch the file manager App of your mobile. You can also install different file manager App on Your Android devices like ES file Explorer, total commander File manager App etc.

Step 2. Find your WhatsApp media folder using the file manager. You can find it in Home >> SD card >> Whatsapp >> Media.

Whatsapp mobile media database

Step 3. Inside the Media folder you will see a sub folder named WhatsApp images.

whatsapp images folder

Step 4. Rename this folder to .WhatsApp images.

rename whatsapp mobile folder


Alternative Way To Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery.

Step 4. Alternatively you can also create a .nomedia file inside this folder. You can create new file by clicking on the Plus button and select the file option.

rename whatsapp mobile folder to .nomedia

Step 5. After Step 4 you can open your Gallery and see your Whatsapp folder become invisible. If it is still visible then you have to clear cache for Apps in your Android device. You can clear cache by Go to setting >> App Manger or Apps >> clear cache. Don.t forget to turn off hidden files option.

clear cache for gallery whatsapp
Note: Android OS is based on the Linux kernel if we Add ‘. or period‘ in front of folder or file name it will become completely invisible.

For iPhone Users

If you are iPhone user then it is so simple for you to restrict the Whatsapp images Appearing in the Gallery within few clicks.
  • Just go to you phone settings-> Privacy->Photos->Untick WhatsApp.
  • After following the above step you will not see your WhatsApp images in Gallery.

whatsapp iphone photo media privacy settings

So these are different method to hide whatsapp image from gallery on android and iPhone easily. If you know any of the best way for this must share it with us. We will update it soon.
How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Do you want to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone. Sharing contacts between iPhones is remarkably easy. You can simply share each contact that you want to transfer. This trick works between iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Two Methods: Sharing a Contact with Someone Else, Syncing Contacts Between Your Devices.

Sharing a Contact with Someone Else

1. On the iPhone you want to share a contact from, tap "Phone" then "Contacts".
2. Tap on a contact to view its details.
3. Tap "Share Contact."
This will send the contact information in a .vcf file. Decide whether you want to share the contact attached in an email or sent as a message.
4. If you tap Message, a new message window will open with the contact included in the body of the message. Type in the phone number of the other iPhone or select a contact in the "to:" field. Press "Send" to send the contact information.
5. On the receiving iPhone, open the Messages app. Tap the contact file or the blue arrow next to it to view its details. Tap "Create New Contact" or "Add to Existing Contact" to save this information into your address book.

Syncing Contacts Between Your Devices

1. Open the Settings app on the first device. You can sync your contacts across iCloud if both of your devices are logged into the same iCloud account.
2. Tap iCloud. Ensure that you are logged in with your Apple ID.
3. Toggle the Contacts slider on.
4. Open the Settings app on the second device.
5. Tap iCloud. Ensure that you are logged in with your Apple ID.
6. Toggle the Contacts slider on. Choose to either keep or remove your existing contacts. Your contacts will be synced across both devices.

So this was our guide on How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone, I hope the methods given above helped you in Sharing contacts from iPhone to iPhone.


Everyone has their own Reasons of having password on their phone. Most of the time its about Security Reasons and to avoid unauthorized access but the real problem occurs when you fail to remember or forget your Password. In such situations, only thing that comes in mind is to factory reset the phone so that you can start all over again with new password.

Today we will be discussing and sharing Steps on How to Factory reset iphone without password. So in Case you have forgot your password. Or you just bought an iphone from someone but its password protected. Or May it be any reason you want to factory reset your iphone and don’t know the password, You are at the right place.


Before we proceed with steps to tackle with this issue, you need to make sure that your phone don’t have iCloud Activation, Because if you have Find my iphone activated then that means when you do reset your phone you won’t be able to login. It will ask you for the Password. Ok so Let us Get started and see how to factory reset your iphone without password.


This Factory reset without password Method works on all iphones 6/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3gs/iPad or iPod.

Things you will need to perform this Method are:
  • iTunes Installed on your PC.
  • USB Cable.

Step 1: First of all we will power off the phone. What we will do is keep holding Sleep/wake Button and Slide to Power off.

Step 2: Now you need to start iTunes on your Computer and make sure USB Cable is attached to it. Now Hold Home Button and then insert USB data Cable into your iphone.

Step 3: You will be presented with Connect to iTunes screen on your iphone. Now you can Release the Home Button. iTunes on your Computer should Detect the iphone in Recovery Mode. You could see something like below Picture on your PC.

Detect the iphone in Recovery Mode

Step 4: Basically what it says is to reset the Software to Factory standard. So Now go ahead and Click on Restore then Restore and Update. This will delete Everything from your phone so Caution there. Though to Factory Reset iphone without Password you can afford to loose data but will want to have access to your phone again right ?

Step 5: iTunes will extract the software and you can see the progress bar as well. Now just sit back and relax and wait for the software to do all the Process for you.

Step 6: Once extracting completes, You can see Apple logo on the screen it will then begin installing on your phone.

Step 7: Once the phone is restored you can start all over again like how the phone comes out of the box when its new.It is safe now to remove the USB Cable. You will be asked to Select Language, Country/Region, Wifi password and few other things.

You would be now able to Create new Passcode for your iphone without any trouble. So this is how you Factory Reset any iphone without password using iTunes. The method will delete everything from the phone but you will be now able to access it with entering the old password and creating the new one which you can remember easily this time.
How to Download Torrents on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak

How to Download Torrents on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak

Torrents are most convenient way of sharing huge sized files among others. However, Apple does not support as well as allow sharing of torrents and downloading of files via them, so there is no particular application that supports this on the Apple Store. But this does not mean there are no such methods which can allow you to download torrent files on your Apple device. Many of you must be thinking that this may require jailbreaking of your device, but it is not so. There are methods using which one can Download Torrents on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak.

Download Torrents on iPhone or iPad

Want to Download torrents On Your Ipad, Iphone But Seeking a method which could be used by you in order to Download Torrents On Apple Ipad, Iphone Without Jailbreaking which has been mentioned below:

Making use of Online Torrent Downloader

Step 1: First of all you need to create an account on one of the following sites.

Free Online Torrent Downloader for Anonymous Torrenting

You can also use “” for this as it allows users to download torrent files without any sign up.

Step 2: Open your iPhone or iPad browser and search the torrent that you want to download.

Step 3: Once you have got the torrent that you wish to download, copy the torrent’s link.

Step 4: Pate the copied link in one of the online torrent downloading sites.

Step 5: After the submission, the file will be compiled and you will be provided a link using which the file will be downloaded as single regular file.
That is all. Using this method can download any torrent file from the internet without even jailbreaking his or her iDevice.
So this was our guide on How to Download Torrents on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak, I hope the methods given above helped you in downloading torrents on iPhone or iPad.
How To Know If Your Smartphone is 4G LTE Supported

How To Know If Your Smartphone is 4G LTE Supported

Most of the telecommunications in Nigeria are now migrating from existing 2G and 3G services to genuinely high-speed mobile broadband on 4G/LTE and this is time for us to dump outdated 3G network and moves forward with 4G LTE network.


4G LTE allowed smartphone technology to spread its wings. That’s because it’s much, much faster than 3G. So when you want to download the new game or stream a TV show in HD, you can do it without buffering and legs that make the experience not worth the wait.

Using a 4G smartphone with 4G LTE network means you can download files from the Internet up to 10 times faster than with 3G.

Based on people's comments in the previous post about 4G LTE, we noticed that lots of people can't different if their smartphone is 3G or 4G enabled device, now we are here to sort it out.

Whether you are using Android smartphone, iPhone, Windows Phone or even a Blackberry device, you can check if that your mobile phone support 4G network. The steps are very simple, just follow it accordingly.

To Know If Your Smartphone is 4G LTE Supported

Android Device
Go to Settings >> Network Settings >> Mobile Network. It should give you a drop-down menu of mobile standards such as 2G, 3G or LTE (4G). If you don’t see 4G or LTE, then your smartphone doesn’t support the standard.

iPhone Users
Go to Settings >> General >> Cellular >> Enable 4G LTE.

Blackberry Users
Go to settings >> Network and Connection >> Mobile Network >> Network mode and you’ll see 4G&3G&2G. however, if you are using Blackberry Q5 and below, you won’t get 4G network services.

Windows Phone Users
Go to Settings > Celluar + Sim > Highest connection speed and check if LTE is part of the options.

Once you’ve seen the 4G network, simply selected LTE and if the network is available in your location, the “LTE” symbol will appear on the phone status bar replacing either “3G”, “H” or “2G” symbols. Then you can start flexing on 4G network.
How to Activate or Use WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

How to Activate or Use WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

Friends everyone want’s some new thing in whatsapp, Enable Video calling on Whatsapp, Do you want to activate whatsapp video calling on your smartphone ? if yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with a guide on How to Enable Whatsapp Video Call on iOS, Blackberry, Windows & Android Phones.

Enable Video calling on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is most popular messaging service around the world. Last year Facebook acquired Whatsapp and added many new features for the Whatsapp Users.

How to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

  1. For safely first of all backup your whatsapp data, for back up just open setting and then click on chats
  2. Then uninstall your previous whatsapp application
  3. Now click here to download latest whatsapp application
    For Android :-
    • Here you have to install latest application of whatsapp by clicking on whatsapp apk
    • Make sure that you have allow ” unknown sources “
    • If not allowed, then Go to Settings and Enable unknown sources
  4. After installation just open your whatsapp app and enter your mobile number
  5. Now verify it using one time password
  6. Enter all required details.
  7. That’s all now follow below steps to use.

How to Use WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

  1. Tap on the chat whom you wanted to do video calling
  2. On top you will see calling button just click on that
  3. Now there you will see two option. First one is for voice calling & second one is for video calling
  4. Here you have to select video calling
  5. Finally you’re done

So this was our guide on How to Enable Whatsapp Video Call on iOS & Android Phones, I hope the methods given above helped you in Whatsapp Video calling.

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How To Earn Money From Google Tez Payment App: Refer & Earn Rs. 9000

How To Earn Money From Google Tez Payment App: Refer & Earn Rs. 9000

Tez payment app was launched on 18th September. It is UPI based digital payments app. Tez Payment App launched in India and it opens the door for its users to earn money using Tez app Refer and Earn Program. Here in this article, we are going to describe a working trick on how to earn money using Tez app.

Earn Money From Google Tez Payment App Refer & Earn

Tez app by google 51 cashback offer Hey guys finally google has also entered into the world of payments, as they have launched their own payment app- Tez for Indian residents for a quicker and safer payment solution. As a promotional offer, they are offering Flat Rs.51 cashback on first transaction. Cashback is Credited in your bank account automatically within 48 hours. It’s a Big Loot of this Month. so friends don’t miss this Loot. How to avail this offer? Read the post below carefully-

How To Earn Money Using TEZ Payment App

1. Download Google Tez App

2. Install & Open app.

3. Sign Up With Mobile Number Which is Registered With Your Bank Account.

4. Set Your Lock by using Pattern Lock or PIN.

5. Now Add Your Bank Account Which is Linked With Mobile Number.

6. Now Set Your MPIN for Future Transaction.

7. Click On New > UPI ID, QR, Phone & Choose Pay Via UPI

& Enter UPI ID – arijitdemob@okaxis

8. Then Send Rs 1 To me Via UPI.

Done!! You Will Get Rs 51 Cashback instantly.
Now Start Referring Your Friends.

Note :- If you direct download from Google Play Store (Not use any referral link), You will not get Sign Up Bonus. But I have a new tricks for this problem, Just follow this :-

1. Open App and Goto Right side top Menu.
2. Tap on Referral Code.
3. Enter This Code Km8sW
4. Apply.
5. Follow above step 7 & 8.
6. Done.

How to Refer & Earn-

1. Open App and Scroll Down page.
2. Now Click On “Offers” Tab.
3. After That Click on Invite Friends.
4. Copy Your Referral Link & Share it With Friends.
5. When Friend Sign Up & Send You Rs 1 via UPI, You Both Will Get Rs 51.

How To Earn Extra Reward-

1. Send Again Rs 50 To Any Of Your Friend Or Your Self Via Phonepe UPI.
2. You Will Get Scratch Card Here In Tej App.
3. Scratch The Card & You Can Win Up to Rs 1000.

Tez Reward and Payment Proof-

Google Tez Reward and Payment Proof

The best thing is, your friends just need to make their first payment using Tez app. Just ask them to send Rs 1 to anyone and it will benefit both. You Can Earn Up to Rs.9000 Via Sharing Your Refer Code. So, this is how you can earn money using Tez Payment app. Hope you like the article share it with your friends too!

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