RevenueHits Review Is It Good As Adsense Google Adsense is leading advertising network over years in the Digital marketing. It would be very unfair to say that Revenue Hits will pay...

RevenueHits Review Is It Good As Adsense

Google Adsense is leading advertising network over years in the Digital marketing. It would be very unfair to say that Revenue Hits will pay higher than Adsense, undoubtedly Adsense has proved very promising revenue for 1000’s of Adsense users. Also have paid million dollars monthly to their premium Adsense account holder. While Reviewing Revenue Hits I found it very interesting Advertising network based  CPA ad network.  CPA ad network is little different from CPC or CPM ad network, where you get paid for every action taken on the ads displayed with valid activity.

RevenueHits Review

Revenue Hits is one of the best option for alternative to Adsense for the blog owners who got disabled with adsense. Over years of my experience I have come across many webmaster who are solely depending on Adsense earning only. When the adsense get disabled most of them certainly quit blogging.

Revenue Hits Review:

Revenue hits is not exactly high paying ads network like adsense, but when it comes to comparing with other adsense alternatives Revenue Hits would be best choice as an alternative. Revenue Hits is established on 2008 currently deliver more than 2 billion impression successfully on daily basis. Advance features of Revenue Hits allows you to monetize website, search, Widgets and mobile applications etc.

At the highest level you can earn 30$ CPM depending on the Geo location, traffic source and landing pages etc. Some are lucky enough to earn very high revenue from revenue hits. Some do fail to earn huge amount those who have very low targeted & low quality traffic etc.

It solely depends on how do you make use of this ad network.

Flexible Ads Types:

Revenue Hits have very flexible and multiple options to monetize your blog or app in the most awesome manner.

1. Display:

You can choose your most suitable ads size for display ad banner for increasing your revenue. Choosing the best ads for monetize can certainly increase more action on your ads, Plus you also need the perfect size for your website layout. Display ad has good

2. Text:

Text ads are one of the best platform for using it for high conversion as well as results in higher activity against your ads.  Text ads are also known very well for higher % of action due to relevant ads display, which can certainly bring spike in your revenue.

3. Pop Up Ads:

Pop up ads is one of the best option to bring spike improvement in your earnings, but it may lead to bad impression to your users. As this platform is not considered as the user friendly which may disturb your users. So if you are running any brand avoid this platform else it may affect your brand reputation.

4. App:

If you have any App or widgets you can monetize with Revenue Hits which is very good features included in revenue hits integrated.

5. Custom Size:

Every site have different requirement for different purpose, as we all have different layout and different topics. Which may need little unique size which may not be available. If you want your own customized size you just have to confirm your own ad size and contact support team.

They will reply you positively without taking much time, to start showing your own customized ads on your site.

Payout Method and requirement:

RevenueHits have flexible payment method via Paypal, Payoneer & Wire Transfer.

Payment Thresold 20$

NET 30 days Payment.

Which is extremely good for publisher with instant approval platform provided by Revenue Hits Team.

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