How to Block Internet Access in Specific Apps on Android There are many Android apps that, without your knowledge, will go ahead and connect to your Internet in the background. It’s important to be...

How to Block Internet Access in Specific Apps on Android

There are many Android apps that, without your knowledge, will go ahead and connect to your Internet in the background. It’s important to be aware that when even your device is in standby mode, your apps can still use mobile data. These apps are constantly checking their servers for all sorts of updates, including emails, messages, posts and articles.

Block Internet Access in Specific Apps on Android

The good news is, there are ways to block internet access in specific apps on Android. You can do it through Android’s built-in options or you can use a third party app.

Block Mobile Data and WiFi with Third Party Apps

While there are a few good apps that let you block internet for specific apps, So, install any one app on your Android smartphone and follow the steps:

1. Mobiwol

1. When you first open Mobiwol, you will see the home page of the app with its main options listed upfront. You can go to “Firewall Rules“, where you will find all the apps on your device including the system apps. You can just tap on the mobile network & WiFi icon to disable the respective connections for the app.

Mobiwol block internet in apps
Note: Be careful to not block system apps because that may lead to unexpected behaviour and inconsistent performance of your device.

2. Once done, you can go back to the main page of the app and turn on “Firewall Status”. When you turn it on, the app will make a VPN connection request. Tap “Ok” and the firewall will turn on.

Mobiwol VPN request
Note: Mobiwol and most other similar firewall apps create a VPN connection, so that they can filter the internet connection on your device to stop usage on blocked apps.

3. Then, you can try opening the blocked apps and you will see that they don’t have internet access. Mobiwol also lets you check the apps that are using the connection in the background via “Connection Logs”.

Mobiwol connection logs

Other than that, you can check out the app settings to make sure it auto-starts on reboot, accept or block newly installed apps, get log notifications and its frequency and get tips about the app.

If you would like a more feature rich app, you can try the below mentioned apps that also let you block internet in specific apps:

2. NetGuard

NetGuard is another great firewall app that not only blocks internet access for specific apps but lets you use conditions like allow WiFi/mobile data when screen is on and block internet while roaming. It also supports multiple device users, tethering and more. Some would say that NetGuard is even better than Mobiwol but the problem is, NetGuard’s unique features like log out outgoing traffic, network speed, ability to block addresses etc. are available only in the paid version of the app.

netguard establish connection

In NetGuard, you will see a list of all the apps that are installed on your device along with a Wi-Fi and cellular data icon next to it. Now, to disable internet access for any apps over Wi-Fi or cellular network, you will have to just tap and disable the particular protocol. You can also disable background data for an app by allowing traffic only when the screen in on.

disable access to apps
Note: VPN connection created by these apps are virtual and the data is not transmitted to any external servers. These VPN connections are created by apps so that they can block traffic for particular apps thus fulfilling the basic feature of a firewall app.

3. NoRoot Firewall

NoRoot Firewall is a highly popular firewall app that brings advanced capabilities to the table. The app not only lets you block mobile data/WiFi access for apps, it also lets you set custom filters and conditions based on IP address, domain name and host address. While the app’s interface might seem clunky, it is available for free, so you can give it a try.

NoRoot Firewall
Note: An Android device can only support one VPN connection at a time, you must not install and activate more than one firewall app on the same device.

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