How to Copy Java Mobile Contacts in Android This is a tip for Java phone users who has s40 or s60 versions, and who has now upgraded their mobile to android and who want to copy the co...

How to Copy Java Mobile Contacts in Android

This is a tip for Java phone users who has s40 or s60 versions, and who has now upgraded their mobile to android and who want to copy the contacts to the android phones.

Transfer contacts from Java to Android

The trouble is nokia files does not automatically finds place in contacts in android phones, as otherwise, you either enabled mobile data . This is costing something, as this converts and show the contacts and once you close this also closes.

There may be many ways. But I find this way easy and useful and does not need mobile data to be enabled to access these contacts. Sometimes, it costs and the amount is deducted from your mobile provider, cutting the cost from your mobile rent balance.

As android wants the format as video card file type, if you just copy the contacts to the memory card by using the backup and sync in settings menu, then when you insert this memory card to access the contacts, you get the error, no vcf format files found or words to the effect.

Please see this link. It gives useful tips to how to workaround to get the contacts to your Samsung phones, without enabling wifi,mobile data or gps.

Backup your contacts from Nokia S40 Series (Java Phones)
• Make sure you have enough space in the Memory Card then follow these steps
• Go to Menu and click on setting.
• Scroll down to “Sync & Backup” and click it.
• Locate “Create Backup” and click it. You will receive an alert warning you not to remove the card during backup process.
• Select the items to backup (Settings, Contacts, Messages etc) . In this case, contacts and click “done” at the lower right corner of the screen.
• After the back up has completed, remove the memory card

Backup your contacts from Nokia S60 Series (Symbia Phones)
• Go to your contacts list and “Mark All”
• Go to option and Click “Create Backup”
• Also do not remove the memory card or switch off your phone during the process.
• After completing it, remove the memory card and insert it into your Samsung Phone.
• When you see the memory card you only find a backup.000 folder and it wont open in nokia or Samsung phones.
• combine vcf file to a single file, easy steps .nbf file already contains vcf files.

convert nokia backup file to vcf file
all you need to do is
1- change file > run > type "cmd"
2-brows to directory extension from .nbf to .zip
2- extract zipped file and brows folders till find the "contacts" folder and you'll find vcf files inside it one file for each contact

combine all vcf files to single file
1- open start menu (folder) that contains vcf files using cd command
ex: vcf files in path c:\folde\folder
then you type cd c:\folder\folder
3- type copy *.vcf allcontacts.vcf then press enter
4-now you've a new file called allcontacts.vcf combine all vcf files *
• You just copy this file in your memory card
• You insert this memory card and then do the following steps
make sure
doesn't have any prefix special characters like
to know that open file in notepad and remove these characters
Follow up steps:
• Import all the contacts into your Samsung Galaxy Phone
• Go to your contact list and click on “Option”
• Click Export/Import
• Select the source of contacts (SD Memory Card) and wait while the phone searches through the memory card to detect all the contacts in the memory.
• Select mode of transfer (Definitely, All Contacts) and click Ok
• Select your Target , SIM, Wait for the phone to import all the contacts from the card.\
• Now you have got all the contacts in mobile . If prompts, some thing could not be copied , just proceed with yes when copying the file to Samsung sim.

I already tested this process on Micromax, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo and much more phones.
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