How To Boost Your Phones Network Signal Mobile phones are made so that you can be in contact with anyone no matter where you are and what you are doing. Smartphone is easy and most...

How To Boost Your Phones Network Signal

Mobile phones are made so that you can be in contact with anyone no matter where you are and what you are doing. Smartphone is easy and most effective way to be in touch with anyone even if you are miles apart. It always keeps you connected. But sometimes signal failure is the most frustrating things that often occur as calls drops out mild conversations or text messages failure.

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Lack of signal adversely affects your social life when you are dealing with client to run your business life. Everyone is switching from landline to cell phones and using more than one network service providers. But everyone has experienced dropped calls, broken voices, lack of signal and more.

There are ways to boost your network signals so that you can stay in touch with your world surrounded by your favorite people.

6 Ways to boost network signal in your phone

1. Increase your elevation
To get stronger signal strength you need to move higher in elevation or to be away from obstructions. The higher you are, the lesser will be the way to block to signal so it will make your phone to have better signal strength. If you are at the bottom of the hill, start climbing or if underground trying coming to first or second floor.

If you know where your local cell provider is, you can always point your phone nearer to those areas in order to eliminate all the possibility of obstacles in between your phone and network signals.

2. Try moving out or open the window
If you want to make phone call from deep inside buildings or underground then don’t be tensed because of bad signal strength. Buildings and large structure are unfriendly to adequate cell phone signals. If you are underground, you will likely receive no signal at all as cellular band radio waves do not effectively penetrate earth.

3. Use External Antenna
The jack external antenna that plugins into the headphone jack of your smartphone promises the signal boost. It is true it will make your phone look like old-fashioned cell phones with this inconvenient addition. But you do not have to keep it all the time, when there is necessity, you can use it.

4. Reset your mast
Mobile phones do not always connect to the closest phone mast. Instead phone maintains connection with the more distant mast in order to prevent jumping from mast to mast. Resetting the link between your phone and tower will make you phone to reconnect to the closer mast resulting in better and stronger signal strength. Turn your smartphone into flight mode for few seconds or restart your phone, this will help increase the signal strength

5. Get a signal booster
Some mobile networks provide devices as signal booster that connect to your network broadband and make it easier for you to make calls from your phone as normal. Or you can yourself get third-party gadget like repeater that will pick up weak signals outdoors and produce powerfull signals indoors.

6. Smartphone’s Apps
In this digital age, smartphone are called smart because they are and applications are being developed to provide flexibility and to make smartphone more effective in almost every fields. If your smartphone can’t solve any problem on its own, then it should not be called smart. There come various apps that will help you to boost signal strength of your phone. Also, download a signal map too for your smartphone; this will help you to let know direction of nearest cell tower and that would be extremely effective in locating better coverage.

OpenSignal is one of the best and ultimate signal toolkits that always take care of your network connection. OpenSignal finds nearby free Wi-Fi hotspots. You can actually find out the best and worst places for 2G, 3G and 4G. With OpenSignal you can map cellular coverage, signal compass pints that will tell your direction from where signals are coming.
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