How to Install Windows 8 Windows 8 is a version of Windows that contains a number of new and updated features, including an interface that can be used with touchscr...

How to Install Windows 8

Windows 8 is a version of Windows that contains a number of new and updated features, including an interface that can be used with touchscreen devices. After you purchase Windows 8, you'll have the ability to download the operating system, and install the program to your computer.

Install Windows 8

Follow the steps outlined in this article to purchase, install, and set up Windows 8.

Purchase Windows 8

1. Navigate to the Sources section below this article and click on the Microsoft Windows link that contains the word "purchase" in the URL.

2. Navigate to the section entitled "Purchase Windows 8," and click on the link for "Buy Windows".

3. Click on "Get Started" after the landing page loads.
Your computer will install the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, which will walk you through purchasing Windows 8 for your computer.

4. Follow the instructions and prompts provided by the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant.
The upgrade assistant will require you to enter your name and credit card information, and will provide you with a receipt and product key for Windows 8.
  • Write down the product key, as you'll need this information at the time you install Windows 8.

5. Click "Next" after the upgrade assistant has provided you with the product key.
Windows 8 will then start downloading to your computer, and display the Windows 8 Setup Wizard.

Install Windows 8

1. Click on "Install now" after the Windows 8 Setup Wizard appears on your screen.

2. Enter the product key you were provided with at the time of your Windows 8 purchase.

3. Click "Next".

4. Review the Windows 8 license terms, then place a checkmark next to "I Accept the license terms".

5. Click on the "Next" button.

6. Select from "Upgrade" or "Custom" Installation.
The upgrade option will allow you to keep all your current files, settings, and applications, whereas the custom option will only install Windows 8 without saving your data.

7. Click "Install".
Your computer will restart several times while it installs Windows 8, and will display the Setup Wizard after Windows 8 has been successfully installed.

Set Up Windows 8

1. Select any color of your choice from the "Personalize" screen.
The color you choose will be the designated color theme for Windows 8, and can be changed at any time.

2. Enter a name for your computer below the field entitled "PC name".

3. Click on "Next".

4. Choose your current network settings from the "Settings" screen, then click "Next".
You will be asked whether you are using a home or work network, or if you are using a public network.

5. Sign in to your PC using a Microsoft account or local account.
The Microsoft account option requires you to create or sign in with a Microsoft username and password. The local account option requires you to create a username and password to be used specifically for your personal account on the computer.

6. Wait for the Windows 8 user interface to load.
Your screen will now display a new series of Windows 8 icons, and your desktop can be accessed by clicking on the "Desktop" icon.

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